Waterford Blogger Outreach Case Study

eAccountable has embarked on an aggressive channel expansion working with affiliate bloggers to build high-quality content for our advertisers. Most of these blog posts include a bonus to the affiliate blogger for their content creation. Read more.

Affiliate Marketing for the Chicago Bears Store: It’s All about Blocking and TacklingChicagoBears_helmet

Under the management of eAccountable, The Chicago Bears Store affiliate program experienced over 5 times year-over-year (5X YOY) growth for the month of September 2013. eAccountable took over the management of the football franchise’s affiliate program on August 1, 2013 and worked hard on the fundamentals that the Store’s marketing team did not have the time and human resources to implement themselves. Read more.

CanvasOnDemand/RetailMeNot.com Flash Deal Test Case Study

Long-time client CanvasOnDemand is always looking for new and innovative ways to drive revenue. The merchant was willing to experiment with performance-based campaigns and was eager to try out innovative tactics to acquire NEW customers. Read more.


TotalDiabetesSupply.com: Boosts Publisher Communication with eAccountable Tools.

Total Diabetes Supply was looking to boost their affiliate marketing channel by incorporating eAccountable’s social media tools to increase affiliate social interaction and communication resulting in excellent publisher recruiting, activation and retention. Read more.


ABCmouse.com: Sometimes things are not what they seem.

This is often true when it comes to affiliate marketing. Digging deeper to get to the bottom of an issue can yield very surprising results. That’s what happened with ABCmouse.com. The company’s affiliate program manager at eAccountable noticed some irregular spikes in traffic and commissions. Immediately, he dug just past the surface and began to suspect fraudulent activity on the part of a particular group of non-US-based bloggers. Read more.


CraftBeerClub.com and eAccountable Brew Up the Perfect Storm

Two years ago, in May 2011, CraftBeerClub.com launched its affiliate program under the guidance of eAccountable and in just one year saw unprecedented year-over-year sales growth of a whopping 158 percent. That kind of explosive growth seems slightly unreal but not when key factors (such as expert affiliate marketing program management, deft and innovative oversight of the company’s social media outreach efforts and heightened consumer fascination with craft beers) combined to brew up a perfect storm. Read more.