“These guys get it… We’ve been working with Stephanie and Durk at eAccountable for over 4 years. I talk to them 2-3 times a year. They send me reports. I read them and ask, ‘What’s next?'”

Joe Schmidt
Canvas On Demand
(Canvasondemand.com, Greatbigcanvas.com)

“The gang at eAccountable are all top notch affiliate managers that combine astute professionalism with bleeding edge innovation. They are leaders on the road to success!”

David L. White

“Our team at WhatsYourDeal.com has been very impressed with eAccountable Program Managers.  Durk Price and his entire team has always been very professional and accessible. As a publisher that deals with over 10,000 merchants, we are thankful for eAccountable and their team for understanding the challenges publishers face, giving their merchants an advantage over those programs not managed by a professional and experienced program management team like eAccountable.  We have been publishing top merchants since December 2004.”

Kim Sunshine,

“Working with Durk, Brian, Jason and the rest of the eAccountable team has been a pleasure.  Apart from being a genuinely great group of people, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to areas of our business where we have little or none in-house.  They have become a true partner for us – looking out for the long term success of Allstarwine.com and helping us grow in ways that make sense specifically for our business.”

Steve Burnham

“Here is something that is important in choosing a vendor….. eAccountable is more than a vendor, they are truly a partner. Durk is refreshingly honest and open. He is truly invested in helping you grow your business. He has on more than one occasion brought introductions and meetings to light for opportunities that are really outside of the traditional affiliate scope. He shares insights, trends, and what is on the horizon in the affiliate channel. This is worth its weight in gold!”

Elaine Wright
Marketing Manager

“A great example of the value eAccountable brings is the attention given at the individual advertiser level. They brought us an offer from an advertiser that we hadn’t featured directly before and not only did their terms include a much higher commission, they also went the extra mile and setup a co-branded landing page that sent users as close to the cart as possible which helped increase conversion. We gave the offer strong homepage exposure and the attention to detail was the deciding factor in its success.”

Mark Walters
Business Development Manager

“The eAccountable team has continually helped ShopWiki maintain our advertiser relationships while creating a productive atmosphere that allows us to optimize more efficiently.  By providing us with specialized tools and dedicated account management services, eAccountable represents the model for a full-service OPM.”

Heath Bertini
Business Development, Sr. Manager

“The team at eAccountable manages several dozen merchants featured on Offers.com. They have a great understanding of their client’s needs and capabilities and how they can best match those to what we can offer. They are professional, experienced, and easy to work with.”

Paul Snyder
Director of Partner Management

“The eAccountable Team has been a fantastic group to work with over the past three years! They are incredibly proactive, dedicated and communicative in support of their merchants. They offer outlets for communication and flexibility with their affiliates and publishers. It’s always a pleasure meeting with the team in Las Vegas as well! They have a wonderful method for offering the chance for the publisher to give a presentation to some of their top advertisers, which in turn, makes business even more fluid!”

Rachel Honoway

“eAccountable really helped us clean up and take control of our existing affiliate programs.  They helped  us recruit new affiliates, optimized our creative assets, and brought us in line with our marketing budgets while still facilitating valuable partnerships and promotions with affiliates. eAccountable’s been a great partner with us as we continue to develop our digital strategy.”

John Buleza
Vice President – Digital Marketing – Performance Bike and Nashbar:
(Performancebike.com, Nashbar.com)

“Time and time again, eAccountable proves that an insightful, proactive understanding of affiliate marketing pays off for merchants and publishers alike. Programs are not on a ‘set it and forget it mode’ like some outfits, but are managed in a manner that ensures timely, effective campaigns that result in exponential gains. Working with good people like Kent just makes the whole experience that much better!”

W. Folk
Greenwood Monkey Bars, LLC

“eAccountable has been critical to the growth of our affiliate programs and ultimately our sales.  We have received excellent guidance and look forward to the continued success of our programs.”

Kathleen Shannon
Executive Director, Digital Temptu

“There’s no doubt that eAccountable has helped take our affiliate marketing to the next level.  Not only have they helped us increase revenue through adding new affiliates and improving on our existing ads, but also put measures in place to help us save big time on our affiliate related expenses.  We’ve seen a huge improvement on ROI since we’ve begun working with eAccountable!”

Brian Schwank,
Director of Marketing

“eAccountable launched our affiliate program a little over 2 years ago and since that time we’ve seen consistent growth.  They manage all aspects of our program and have grown it into a significant part of our overall business.  They do a good job of keeping us informed of market trends and new programs and are great to work with.”

Eric Chirinsky