Durk Price, Rebecca Madigan, Peter Bordes

By Durk Price

I’m back from Affiliate Summit East 2011, held in New York City last week, and taking stock of all of the meetings and networking and following up with people I met. We also have plenty of new ideas and partnerships to start putting into action.

Our suite at the Hilton was a big success. We had clients and affiliates dropping by for meetings or just to say hello and relax for a few minutes. I love being able to interact with our clients in such a casual atmosphere.

One of the highlights in our suite was a presentation by our social media consultant, Stephanie Lichtenstein, the president of MicroMedia Marketing. She’s done a great job for us and she decided to use our social media success as a case study.

She presented that case study at a luncheon to some of our clients. For her, it was a chance to showcase her hard work and demonstrate the value of social media in online marketing. For us it was the opportunity to let clients in on all the back-end work we are doing to promote ourselves and their brands. It was a huge hit.

Of course, I made my rounds on the party circuit at night. That’s where some of the best networking takes place. The Performance Marketing Association’s Rooftop cocktail event was a great evening of mingling with fellow PMA members. There was also a classy event sponsored by Buy.at, the ShareASale Barn Dance (No, I did not ride the mechanical bull! Stephanie Lichtenstein took home the prize for that.), and a typically offbeat and fun Google Affiliate Network Event.

And even though there is a so much preparation leading up to these big conferences and events and then they are over in the blink of an eye, I still can’t wait to do it all over again in January at Affiliate Summit West 2012 in Las Vegas. See you there!