By Durk Price

I found a lot of interesting news items this week – especially the one on service.   Happy reading.

Forty-five percent employee growth. Wow. Amazon Is On A Massive Hiring Spree, But Why?

Interesting. Get out your Nicorette patches. What Happens If There Are Smoking Bans In Every State?

I don’t think this is rival app will kill Groupon, but it may put a dent in it. Doesn’t $6 billion and a relationship with the world’s largest Internet company look better now? Facebook Launches Its Groupon Killer

This is one of the best articles I have ever read on the service business. And I am living this every day I am even forwarding it to myself to reread. What Should You Do With Your Crappy Little Services Business?

I met Payoneer at Affiliate Summit a couple of years ago. I was impressed with their offer then, even more so now. Processing $500 Million A Year, Payoneer Launches Local Money Transfers