By Durk Price

I trust everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I know I did. Does checking out all these interesting items work off any calories? Happy Black Friday and happy reading!

Yes, fans there is a bogeyman. Comic for November 18, 2011

I love the part of the article about how you increase the value of your social communications by offering incentives and rewards. Good stuff. Why Brands Need Friends – Not Fans – on Facebook

So what’s wrong with the 30 percent people? Xobni Survey: Nearly 70 Percent of You Will Check Email over the Holidays

We are seeing lots of new performance based social tools, apps and publishers. This is a very exciting arena. 50% Of Ecommerce Site Visitors are Logged In to Facebook

Big Wow. comScore: U.S. Online Holiday Shopping Already up 14 Percent to $9.7 Billion

Our partner ChannelAdvisor reports some great Turkey Day numbers in real-time. Thanksgiving Day Online Sales are up 20% Over Last Year

Thirty-eight percent of bloggers post about brands they love. How Blogs Influence Purchases and Recommendations