Affiliates: 110

Networks: Google Affiliate Networks is an online only retailer that specializes in premium health, wellness and fitness products.  The company selects each of its solution-oriented products based on their effectiveness and affordability.

The ecommerce vendor launched in April of 2010 and began its affiliate program just a few months later. The site has a 7 percent conversion rate and the average order size is about $90. There are a wide variety of products for affiliates to promote and prices for the products range from $10 to $1,500.

Affiliates are paid a 5 percent commission and there are no special commission rates.  Healthykin encourages search marketing affiliates, but does not allow bidding on its trademarks.

According to Dan Brown, owner of the Peoria, AZ-based company, affiliates that perform well with include comparison shopping sites and other affiliates promoting health and wellness products. Because the company doesn’t offer coupons, it doesn’t work with too many coupon affiliates.

Although the company does not have coupons, it often provides free shipping deals, which are based on specific products.

The program is currently running on the Google Affiliate network and there are plans to expand to other networks within the next 12 months.

“We look at the affiliate space as an incremental sales channel that has been very valuable to us,” Brown says.

He added there are also a several things about the company that might appeal to affiliates including; that there is no phone number on the website, so affiliates will not lose sales to customers who want to purchase via telephone. In addition, the company works with a distributor that has warehouse location all over the United States. That means that orders placed before the end of the business day is typically shipped out that day.