Affiliates: 666

Networks: Google Affiliate Network

Magic Murals offers a huge, exclusive selection of more than 3,000 beautiful wall murals that include images from a prominent group of international photographers and illustrators. Its mural galleries feature an assortment of genres that span a wide spectrum of styles and subjects.  In addition, the company also lets customers create their own murals using the Custom Mural Creator. MagicMurals recently launched a new children’s’ coloring product that lets kids draw on the walls and erase or save their work.

Based in Smithfield, NC, Magic started its affiliate program in January of this year after launching as an online merchant in September 2010.

Affiliate commissions range from 8 to 12 percent. The average order size is $300 and the conversion rate for the site is 1 percent. Currently, MagicMurals is offering a $20 bonus added to the first commission for all new affiliates signing up for the program, which runs on the Google Affiliate Network.

MagicMurals offers exclusive coupons on a regular basis that are seasonal (such as Easter and Mother’s Day coupons currently available) for high traffic affiliates, MagicMurals will also create custom-branded coupons for affiliates.  And although MagicMurals doesn’t allow trademark bidding, it does allow affiliates to use its trademarks in the ad copy and in the destination URL.

Affiliates that are in a specific niche (such as golf or travel or have a website dedicated to horses) can do well in the program, because MagicMurals has large collections of murals in a variety of categories. So, a travel affiliate can choose to promote murals with exotic destinations, tropical landscapes, and wild animals, It also has a data freed with direct links to more than 3,000 products, according to MagicMurals Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Woodard.

“This lets affiliate target by murals by niche and if the affiliate can’t find creative or a banner for a collection or topic, we are happy to make that for them,” Woodard says, who has been an affiliate himself in the past and emphasizes the company’s pro affiliate stance.“Affiliates are a great driving channel that we strongly believe in and we want to do anything we can to help them succeed in the program.”

The company also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to customers and Woodard stresses MagicMurals’ commitment to customer service – each order comes with a handwritten note from the company; a real person at MagicMurals answers all phone calls from customers; and orders are printed at the time of purchase and shipped within 2 to 3 days. There is free shipping on every order.