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It’s Chinese New Yer. It’s also the year of the ram. Be a RAM – strong, solid, tough. Not a sheep or a follower. There is a lot going on this week. I’ve gathered up some great articles so you can learn more about why Pinterest is banning affiliate links, how Facebook really counts ads, why Groupon Goods sales are up and more.

Happy Reading!!

Not really. If Nobody Sees an Ad, Does it Count? Not to Facebook

Let’s hope small businesses are finally fully onboard. Content Marketing Insight Report: SMBs Willing to Pay to Bring Their Online Properties Up to Snuff

Mobile shopping online is up. 42% Mobile Commerce Growth; 33% Buy via Smartphone

Time to take another look at Groupon. Groupon Goods Sales Soar 40.4% in Q4

So what can affiliates do now? Unpinning: Pinterest Kills Affiliate Links and Ramps its Own Monetization

Don’t make these errors. 8 Social Media Mistakes That are Killing Your Brand

Good stuff in here. 5 tips for High-Performance B2B Marketing in 2015

Mobile Hearts Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day Shopping: Mobile Sales Up 35%

Is it really a battle when Google is so far in the lead? Battle for Search Market Share Heats up Again

More good news. eCommerce Software Spending Double Doubles by 2019

You’ll need to know these to be effective. The Most Important E-Commerce Marketing Trends of the 2014 Holiday Season & What They Mean in 2015

Let’s hope CMO follow through on these. 6 Marketing Predictions for CMOs in 2015