Sometimes events and circumstance collide to make the perfect storm. I mean that in the best possible way, not the worst-case scenario, block-buster disaster movie way.

Recently we began working with Leading  Points, a company founded by ex-military personnel that helps civilian businesses cut through the military red tape to get products and services in the hands of the US armed forces.

Having them as a client has been great in so many ways:

  • I like supporting organizations that support our troops.
  • They offer great opportunities for businesses with goods and services that are needed by military personnel and help those businesses to break into a previously hard to penetrate market.
  • also has close ties with all the major military foundations.
  • Charitable giving is a key component of their process and I love that.
  • The military, with 12 million active and 22 million retired soldiers, is not a niche. It is, however, underserved online.
  • The military market is virtually recession-proof.

In addition, we have another client that is the largest seller of military rings and there is a perfect, natural fit between them and We were pleased to help the two companies forge a relationship.

We love working with all our clients and make our best efforts to forge relationships of mutual success.  But sometimes there’s one that just hits you on a whole bunch of different levels. Leading Points gets me on – business, personal, emotional and patriotic – levels. That is a winning combination.