view_from_the_topIt’s that time of the year when people are making resolutions. Most commonly people want to kick off the New Year with goals to be more healthy and fit. I applaud that as a personal resolution, but why not resolve to get your business in tip-top shape.

Here are some simple things you can do to get your business fit for the coming year:

Have a plan – Map out what you want to accomplish in 2016. Then make a plan to achieve those goals. Be sure to include realistic executable processes to get you there.

Set milestones – In order to see how you are progressing, you’ll need to have benchmarks to measure if you are meeting the plan and where you stand. It’s also a good way to break things down into achievable parts and feel good about getting things done.

Communicate your goals – You need to get everyone on board with the plan, In order to do that you need to clearly communicate your goals with all the stakeholders, get their input and make sure they are clear on what will be required of them.

Review processes – Technical changes, market shifts and other factors can change rapidly. Be sure to have scheduled, frequent reviews to make sure your plan is still in line with the direction of the industry.

Be flexible – You must have a plan, but you don’t want to be so rigid that you’re sticking to the plan even when changes (mergers, acquisitions, industry dynamics, technology, etc.) make your plan obsolete.

Visualize your goals – This is something I like to do, and it is supported by research. I start by building a visual pictorial of what my goals are and put them somewhere visible to me while I work. It should include not only your business milestones and goals, written out, but also what will happen to you when you achieve those goals. Will you buy a new car? Go on a nice vacation? Renovate your kitchen? Be specific, Be intentional on what you want. Then find a picture of it, and post it where you can see it every day. Last year I put what I considered to be an unlikely goal for sales for eAccountable. We got within 3 to 4 percent of that year-long goal. This year I have an even more audacious goal and I look at that goal every day. I also have a weight goal for 2016, not a huge one, but one that will make me happy to achieve it. I haven’t added any of my personal intentional goals to the board yet, but I am thinking about it and will add it to my board ASAP. Most of you know I am an avid golfer, so I’m thinking about adding a picture of Pebble Beach to my visualization board.

Stay up to date – You must be constantly be up on all that is happening in the industry. Conferences, networking events, calls with colleagues, reading news feeds and blogs, etc. can help you stay on on top of what is happening and where there might be opportunities for you to capitalize on.

By doing all these things, you’re more likely to have success and enjoy growth in your business.
Happy New Year to all!

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