By Durk Price

I’ve never been a huge forum or message board person, but over the past several years I have maintained a presence on a few forums.  I’d peak in occasionally and jump into conversations that intrigued me or where I knew I could add value. Okay, so maybe I was a lurker, but I definitely was not into slamming anyone, which is what kept me out of some forum environments.

We recently launched an eAccountableOPM section on the Affiliate Summit Forum and now that I am being much more active in posting, I realize that forums require a lot of  work. And like most things life, the more you put into it the more you get back.

I’m enjoying posting about our clients, focusing on industry issues that are on my mind and interacting with affiliates and merchants.  It’s also great to see our entire team step up and get involved.  After all, these are the program managers who have the most intimate knowledge of their respective clients.

We’ve started off with a bang and hope to continue the momentum. Plus, I have some exciting things planned to make our section of the forum even more exciting. Stay tuned!

In addition to all the great activity in our portion of the forum, I’m finding that I’m really getting involved in following lots of other threads.  I’m learning, growing, sharing and engaging with peers.  That’s a good thing.

So, even if you never thought of yourself as a person who visits forums each day, this one is worth a look.  And let’s keep it positive too. This was one of my main draws in participating here. I know that the forum’s co-founders, Shawn and Missy, had a positive environment in mind when this built this great place.