The view from the eAccountableOPM suite

At this year’s Affiliate Summit West 2011, held in Las Vegas earlier this month, tried something new. Instead of renting a booth or a table at the Meet Market, we rented a suite at the Wynn in order hold meeting with clients and potential customers.

The new approach was a big success with clients and my team – and me. Having a home base offered everyone a single meeting place that was quieter than the show floor and the opportunity to discuss business with clients in a relaxed setting.  It worked out so well for us that we hope the event will be at the Wynn again year. If so, I’m requesting the same suite number.

Don’t’ get me wrong, at times the suite was bustling with people, but I felt less harried than usual. Rather than rushing from meeting to meeting to see everyone, I could focus on the people, the networking and doing business. Usually, I am hustling to make it on time to various meeting locations and appointments.

It also allowed our company to have much more targeted approach. Instead of spending time explaining what we do to everyone that stopped by our booth, we were dealing with people we already did business with or clients that we’d like to do business with. If you’re attending conferences like this just to get as many leads as possible, then perhaps, being on the show floor might work better for you.

Having a suite also enabled us to demonstrate some of our new technologies to people in private without screaming over the noise of the show floor and competing for their attention in a sea of booths.

Ready to demonstrate some new technologies  to clients

We also got to showcase who we are as a company. We controlled the environment, the refreshments and vibe. I think clients – both existing and perspective – also appreciated our suite as a place to sit down quietly for a moment. It was like a tiny oasis just moments away from the congestion. There were also fewer distractions and interruptions to business conversations.

This new approach also gave me a chance to see my team in action and jump in when needed or even have one of them chime in and follow up, if necessary. That meant no delays or having to say to a client, “I’ll have so-and-so get back to you on that.” We were able to take care of business then and there.

All-in-all, I’d say it was a suite success.

Chilling in the eAccountableOPM suite