I have written several times about the importance of recruiting bloggers and turning them into affiliates. It’s all part of growing the overall business of performance marketing. New and diverse affiliates present a range of opportunities to merchants to expand into new niches, drive incremental revenue and increase its brand presence.

And while the opportunity for bloggers to monetize their websites with steady affiliate income is a huge benefit, the reality is that bloggers often have stars in their eyes based on the media’s tendency to highlight the six figure success of a few lucky bloggers.

We’ve all heard the stories about some 22-year old fashion blogger that has turned her blog from giving style tips into a fashion media empire that is sought out by top designers to launch new products. They are invited to attend Fashion Week, the Academy Awards and more.

Although there are great success stories, they are the exception and not the norm. But the media’s perpetuation that bloggers are plied with piles of free expensive products just for a brief mention or that big brands are paying thousands just to have their products featured on a bloggers site is out of sync with reality.

The reality is that there are millions of bloggers that will never achieve that exceptional status. Instead, these bloggers have an answer to making a good living right in front of them. There is nothing wrong with aiming high, but setting realistic, achievable goals that are more in line with earning a steady living are worthwhile.

Our large roster of clients has plenty of blogger opportunities that offer bloggers a great way to earn incremental income. We have a Blogger Opps section on our Connection Portal that lists paid and blogger affiliate options. This enables bloggers to peruse offers and decide which is right for them.

But much of this requires education and some hand holding. Our team is great at explaining the benefits and walking bloggers through the process. We are also great with recruiting bloggers.

It seems that others also believe in value of recruiting bloggers into the affiliate space. The Performance Marketing Association recently released two papers on the topic. We, here at eAccountable, have been proud members of this trade association since its inception. The PMA’s Publisher Recruitment Council focuses this subject and has two papers are worth downloading and a podcast you should listen to.

I am excited to see that the entire industry seems to place value on recruiting bloggers and turning them into the next generation of great, successful affiliates. I’m also excited for the passion they bring to their content, what that can mean to a merchant and how that only strengthens and continues to grow our industry.