I was thrilled last week to find several studies that underscore what we at eAccountable have known for a long time – coupons and deals play a big role in attracting and converting online holiday shoppers.

Nearly 90 percent of online shoppers will look for coupons and sales online before making a purchase this holiday season, according to a study released last week by affiliate website (in conjunction with IPSOS). Vice President Howard Schaffer, says, “Consumers are looking for coupons and deals more than ever, and they’re finding the best offers online.”

And more people are turning to mobile. According to the report, about 44 percent of U.S. consumers plan to use their mobile devices when holiday shopping. Nearly one-third (30 percent) of Americans will use their mobile phones to look for coupons and deals when holiday shopping. This outpaces the number of mobile users who say that they will use it for other activities, such as making purchases (19 percent), checking product reviews (22 percent), and comparing products at different stores (24 percent), the study says.

In a survey by Retale, nearly three quarters (73 percent) of those with a mobile devices plan to use them for holiday shopping both in and out of stores. Outside of stores, consumers are doing a lot of mobile activities on their phones including: buy directly from device (30 percent), research products online (27 percent), find store locations (26 percent), find deals (20 percent), compare prices (18 percent), and access coupons (16 percent).

While in a store, things are different, with the top action being looking for coupons (14 percent), find store locations (12 percent), compare prices (11 percent), buy directly from devices (9 percent), find deals (8 percent), and research products online (8 percent).

And a new study from Kelton Research, commissioned by coupon giant, examined data from last year’s holiday shopping season to predict how consumers will act this season. The study concludes that coupons and deals were a major driver in online purchases.

According to the report, during the 2013 holiday shopping season, the U.S. population spent more than $42 billion online. The report shows that American shoppers who used deal or offer websites saved more than $4 billion in November and December of 2013. Overall, at least 30 percent of online purchases were made through deal websites. This year, that number is poised to grow. According to the estimates, holiday savings in 2014 will approach or surpass the $5 billion mark.

The findings show that deal websites can also save people time, provide information about additional retailers/products and make the shopping experience more enjoyable. While nearly 80 percent of shoppers indicated that deal and offer sites helped them save money, 72 percent also said these sites helped them purchase more items or better products.

From percentage-based offers and dollars-off discounts to “buy one, get one free” promotions, holiday savings vary widely, the average percentage savings experienced by respondents for these categories through deal websites were 22.4 percent for electronics, 26.6 percent for apparel, 21.3 percent for beauty/hygiene and 18.3 percent for home/garden, the report stated.

Additionally, for those who responded that they used deal and offer websites for every online purchase, they saved $65 on average. Respondents who used deal and offer websites for “every or most” online purchases saved $44 on average.

Over the last two years we have conducted surveys that showed similar results: