Let’s take ride in the Way Back Machine. Remember, about two years ago when I couldn’t stop blogging about daily deals? Yeah, it was huge news back then and I admit to getting a little caught up all the hype.

In my defense, I think the meteoric rise of daily deal sites was a pivotal point in the advancement of online marketing.

But, yes, I will admit that we hear little these days from most of the websites that made a huge splash. Some are no longer around, while most have evolved, expanded or changed their business models to rely less on the flash sale component and more on extended offers over specific periods of time; others still have become a curated sites of deals and offers.

I believe that the timing of the daily or flash sale sites was right on in the moment. But more importantly, the timing coupled with advances in technology and the boom in mobile (my new hot topic) helped impact so many things including rapid improvements and adoption of mobile commerce, email’s continue evolution, refinement of in-store shopping, enhancements in comparison shopping engines, improved curation on deal and offer sites, the rise of the mega coupon site and more.

The online marketing space is constantly evolving. And that is what makes it so exciting. I think it’s good to get excited about new categories and new technologies. But it’s also good to look down the road and think about what these new developments can become.  Working in an industry brimming with entrepreneurs makes that continual innovation the rule rather than the exception.

So, what’s next? More mobile advances and improvements in geo-location services. Look for more businesses to use these technologies. I also expect some mashups – think the foodie world: the cronut, the cragel, etc. I, for one, can’t wait to see the new innovations.