By Durk Price

Overseeing a growing business means that I’m on the road a lot traveling to conferences, events, and client meetings. In fact, our corporate travel budget has increased more than 200 percent over the last year. While I thoroughly enjoy the chance to interact face-to-face with the performance marketing community and our clients, as well as potential clients, getting work done outside the office can be challenging.

However, I’ve found a several great ways to be a very productive road warrior without sacrificing quality or feeling out of the loop.  Using the latest technology I’ve managed to stay connected to the office and clients, all while racking up tens of thousands of frequent flier miles.

One of the biggest tools in my mobile arsenal is the iPad. I got one as soon as it was released last year. This little device has freed me from lugging around an 8-pound laptop and the wealth of applications has made be even more productive.

I use Skype on my iPad and my iPhone to stay in touch with clients and the folks back at the office. The instant messaging feature also works well for pinging people with short messages. You can find me on Skype durkprice.

Additionally, lots of people use Skype to record their podcasts. So, having Skype on my phone and iPad means that I don’t have to turn down requests to be a guest on a podcast even if I’m not in the office. Check out the PMA Industry Report where I discuss terms and conditions.

Another great tool is Dropbox. I use it now instead of losing a USB stick every trip. I just update Dropbox before each trip and access through any device including my iPhone. It also allows me to share documents with the team if they need something while I’m traveling.

Being out of the office frequently used to mean that I was behind on keeping up with industry news, blogs, and information from sites I enjoy (like TechCrunch and my local newspaper). I’ve downloaded Pulse, a news reader app, to my iPad, and now I can automatically set it to show me the latest news and updates from all my favorite places on the Interwebs.  So, even while I’m on the road I can stay informed, up to date, and have reading materials at my fingertips while I wait for my flight. And if there’s WiFi on the plane, I can get even more reading done.

I have also joined every rental car, hotel and airline rewards program I can. It’s amazing how quickly points add up and other little benefits you get by being a member.  Plus, I’ve added an extra dose of patience to my days. It’s helped immensely in this era of packed airplanes and TSA pat downs.