By Durk Price

Can you believe 2010 is over? The first decade of the 2000’s is closing out and 2010 has emerged as year of significant growth for

I’m proud to note that we increased the number of URLs we manage by 60 percent; grew our revenue 90 percent; and saw a 100 percent increase in the number of full-time employees at the company over 2009.

And while, it’s been hard work to achieve these gains, it’s been amazingly rewarding and gratifying on so many levels. Our growth is not only the result of hard work by our fantastic team, but a great sign of the continue health of the performance marketing space. As offline businesses continue to struggle in these turbulent economic conditions, more businesses are realizing the proven power of online marketing as a valuable, reliable, measureable channel. Finally, businesses are getting what we in the performance marketing industry have known for years. This really works.

But make no mistake, 2010 wasn’t a cake walk. It was a year for trying new things, improving existing processes and adapting to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. And, yes, there were certainly some growing pains. Lessons were learned. Victories celebrated. And plans were made for continued expansion in 2011 and beyond.

And now it’s time to thank everyone who contributed to our success – the networks, affiliates and merchants.

While, it would be a huge list to thank everyone individually, we want to acknowledge all the networks we work with for their support, patience, sales efforts and encouragement. We relish the fact that our relationships with the all the networks continue to deepen and expand. This can only mean more good things to come. We couldn’t do all that we do for our clients without the great network support. We consider you to be trusted and invaluable partners.

Thanks to all the affiliates we work with. This is by far the most diverse group of individuals we have the pleasure of doing business with. Whether you’re a super affiliate or mom and pop publisher, your efforts on behalf of our clients are paramount to everyone’s overall success. We embrace and applaud the independent and entrepreneurial spirit embodied by affiliates. We learn from you and you have our respect and love.

To our impressive roster of clients, I want to say what a pleasure it’s been to spend 2010 learning more about your business and delighting in the strides you’ve made. We are thrilled to help your realize your business goals. Forming partnerships with your companies has been rewarding and we look forward to more success for your businesses in the coming years.

On to 2011 and even more astounding achievements.

Happy New Year!!!