By Durk Price

I am a huge fan of the marketing content curation/creation platform Shareist. We’ve been using it from its very first beta test version, which was about two years ago.

Shareist was created by an industry veteran of the affiliate marketing space (also a great friend and darn good golfer) Scott Jangro and his business partner Damien Arlabosse. They are the founders of MechMedia, and Shareist was born out of issues they faced as affiliate marketers trying to deal with content – publishing it, organizing it, repurposing it and more.

Here at eAccountableOPM, we’ve been lucky enough to get lots of one-on-one time with Scott to discuss how we wanted to use Shareist as the product has evolved.  Most people are using it to create outward facing notebooks and pages (much like you would create a blog in Word Press) and share that output with subscribers. Check out what TechCrunch had to say about Shareist.

However, we wanted to take on the task of creating Shareist pages for each of our clients and create a place that was designed to show them all of the communication efforts we do on their behalf – sort of a portal for each client. We wanted an easy and transparent way to pull together everything that we do for our clients – newsletters, emails, mentions on Facebook, tweets, blog posts, etc. – and let them see for themselves just how much effort we put in on their behalf.

We have great relationships with our clients and keep them informed of all that we do for them so they understand exactly what they are getting for their money, but keeping them in the loop is a gargantuan task.  Last year alone we sent out more than 6 million emails on behalf of our clients to promote them and communicate with networks and affiliates about them.

Shareist allows us to continue to show clients our efforts but it makes it simpler, requires much less time and coordination, and the best part is that it offers an enhanced experience for our clients. Yes, it takes some initial set up work – after all, we have nearly 100 clients – but once Shareist pages have been created we are able to pull in content types automatically and by-hand if we chose and it’s all fully interactive. That means the clients can also jump in and comment on specific items as can program managers or affiliates.

This is huge leap forward for us and for our clients. And there is nothing that makes me happier than pleasing our clients by continuing to innovate so we can spend more time helping them achieve their success goals.