It’s a given that online advertisers are always looking for innovative ways to engage customers, optimize traffic, increase conversions and ultimately boost sales.

We have found there are several ways to reach consumers at key times in their purchase process, including tools that address shopping cart abandonment, encourage consumers to add more to their carts at checkout, and incentivize people to click on special offers and deals.

We are firm believers in helping our clients solve these problems and providing them with simple to use tools. It’s a priority for us. We’ve developed several tools to address these issues and have seen great success.

Our clients have seen these types of tools are very effective in drawing in new customers with offers via social media or getting customers to increase their average order size and even getting them to leave information that will allow for later engagement.

Cart Abandonment

A study from the Baymard Institute finds that 68 percent of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart.  The study cites the leading causes include: shipping cost, shipping speed, return policy, website speed, website errors, checkout process, site security and more.
Other studies have shown abandonment rates as high as 95 percent of shoppers exiting a website without buying, leaving their email address, providing a Facebook Like or a cell phone number. Without a solution, those customers are lost forever.

Although retargeting is a solution, it may not necessarily work in real-time. Often something as simple as, offering a “guest” checkout (no password required), stating shipping costs upfront and assuring that proper secure shopping badges are  present on a website have been found to increase conversions by a large margin.

But there are specific tools that brands can easily add to their sites to send an optimized behaviorally targeted popup to interrupt the customer from leaving the website and bring customers back to the site after they left without buying. At eAccountable we have found that this type of tool converts 30 to 50 percent of these abandoned carts. That’s significant. Check out Save-a-Customer and Save-a-Sale.

Increasing Customer Purchase Size

There are also tools that enable brands to encourage shopping to add more to their carts to increase order size. They can also work in slightly different ways, but the basic idea is simple. Once a shopper beings adding items to their cart and heads for the checkout, a slider or pop-up will appear and let them know if they spend X amount more they can get free shipping. Or these tools can be customized to have free shipping, a discount off the total purchase price or whatever the brand wants.

These types of tools help brands increase average order size and convert at a higher rate. We are about to launch a tool called Boost-a-Cart that will help with increasing AOV. Stay tuned for more info.

Special Offers and Deals

We have also found that tools presenting a pre-purchase opportunity for a site visitor, such as adding their email, giving a Facebook Like or a leaving a cell phone number, in order to unlock a special offer captures between 3 and 10 percent of the daily site traffic, but ultimately boosts conversion rates by 10 to 30 percent. See Unlock-an-Offer.

The bottom line is that we listen to our clients and work hard to find solutions that will increase their online success. They have pain points and we are solving many of the issues with great, simple to use tools.