Based on our ongoing blogger outreach efforts and the results, I’m identifying bloggers as the new longtail opportunity in the affiliate channel.

Time and again we have seen that merchants, who work with content bloggers that are using affiliate links to monetize, have not only positive short term results but greater value in the long run.

As consumers search for products, reviews and information, good content from bloggers will continue to rank high long after a deal or specific offer is over. That means continued and incremental exposure for the merchants.

I can’t tell you how often we hear that a merchant will see a sudden spike in a specific product or service and can trace it back to a 6 month old or 1 year old article written by a content blogger that recently came up in searches or got some widespread attention.

Often this can be related, but not limited to, seasonality. But let’s use that as an example. If a content blogger/affiliate we work with wrote a great post last year about unique Valentine’s Day gifts for guys and one of our merchant’s product is mentioned, that .content is very likely to rise to surface again this year as people search for unique gifts for men. Google likes content. Good content.

Just this week one of our wine affiliates, who consistently creates great content, noticed an increase of traffic to an 11-month old post on the topic of pairing wine with Girl Scout Cookies. Well, traffic to that post was up a whopping 2560 percent. Why now? Probably because the season of selling Girl Scout Cookies is coming and searchers for that subject shared the post with others on social media. That is an amazing longtail example.

That is a win-win for merchants and affiliates.

These are just a few of the many reasons that developing strong relationships with bloggers is worth the effort.  There are so many more that keep coming to light.