By Durk Price

The merchants and affiliates we deal with are working on holiday campaigns and know that mobile commerce is going to play an even bigger role this season. Mobile is growing as a way for consumers to make online purchases both from home and in the brick and mortar retail stores.

Early on in the campaign planning stages we encouraged merchants to have mobile creatives available for affiliates and have a solid plan for attracting those consumers who opt to purchase via their smartphones and other mobile devices. I will refrain from my rant on how tablets should be in a different category.

There have been several different market research studies on mobile holiday shopping released in the last few weeks.  I want to share some of data.

The National Retail Federation expects that overall holiday sales (both online and offline) will be up 4 percent over last year. A report from Deloitte claims that of all holiday sales, mobile-influenced stores sales will account for 5 percent of purchases. Shoppers with smartphones are 14 percent more likely to make a purchase in the store than those who don’t use a smartphone in the shopping process, according to the Deloitte report.

Additional research from Foresee highlights activities that consumer plan to do using their mobile phone for shopping.

  • 39 percent will use mobile sites and apps more often than last year to research products.
  • 26 percent will use mobile more than last year to do research while in physical stores.
  • 21 percent will use mobile more than last year to purchase products.
  • 18 percent will use mobile more than last year to locate stores.

In 2011, only 3 percent planned to use mobile as their shopping channel of choice, according to a recent study by MarketLive. That will jump to 16 percent as consumers plan to use mobile for overall gift buying, compared to 19 percent who plan to buy in the store.

The MarketLive report highlights also states that:

  • 21 percent plan to purchase gifts via mobile device, almost double compared to last year.
  • 43 percent plan to redeem coupons when making an in-store purchase.
  • 28 percent plan to research gifts on mobile during a store visit.
  • 18 percent plan to purchase gifts as a result of a text message from the retailer.

And MarketLive study shows that more than ever consumers are doing their homework before making a purchase. Twenty percent of shoppers plan to research gifts on mobile before even going to the store; 42 percent will be checking for sales and specials; 41 percent will be looking for competitive pricing at Amazon; 37 percent plan to look up store information; and 37 percent are said they will browse an online store for product of interest, according to MarketLive.

Some of our clients are using mobile to run holiday or pre-holiday deals. With the release of the iPhone 5 and its panoramic photo capabilities. Both Canvas on Demand and Great Big Canvas are running deals through November 15, 2012 that give buyers 50 percent off their panoramic photo purchases if they like either of the brands on Facebook.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks when we will reveal details about our services for clients that focus specifically on mobile.