Nearly three years ago I wrote about the evolution of outsourced program management firms (OPMs) into agencies offering a wider range of services. This change from simply managing a brand’s affiliate program to the addition of more services and being tied more closely with the brand’s strategic online position has continued to evolve into more of an agency model – with an accelerated pace.

Managing affiliate programs remains the core of our business but we have found that our customers are looking for more and we are in a position to deliver.  They don’t want us only to manage their affiliate programs, but to be partners that are fully involved in their online strategy. And in many cases we have initiated these changes by our deep understanding of online marketing. After all, companies seek out someone to manage their programs because they either don’t have the in-house resources or the expertise. But we do – years of it.

Over the years we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. By refining and scaling processes we are able to offer additional services that focus on conversion enhancement, early engagement strategies, cart abandon conversions, retargeting, social media, email, research and more that show dramatic increases to our clients. While the basic concepts for maximizing each channel are general, we have been able to customize these to specific client needs and goal and achieve increased ROI.

We’ve also learned that our wide client base are all at different stages of sophistication when it comes to digital marketing and that education plays a key role in helping them understand the intricacies and impact of our services. We are also able to give them a more holistic view of how each service will tie into their overall marketing efforts. Our goal is to increase the stickiness of our relationship with each client and become a long-term solution partner.

The key to our success has been an unwavering commitment to innovation. We are not afraid to try new things and even suffer slight backs. Each attempt helps us learn more and get better. The challenge is what keeps us going – that and knowing that we are delivering results to clients.