By Durk Price

Keeping up with the latest technology isn’t easy. It seems like there’s some new development every week to consider. Whether its technology that our company can leverage to better service our clients, new software that makes our internal processes of running a company more streamlined or just the latest and greatest in the industry at large, we need to stay on top of things.

I admit that I’m a bit of a technology junkie. Actually, it’s hard not to be when you’re in the performance marketing space. Technology is the foundation of everything we do online from tracking, monitoring, measuring, communicating, and recruiting, to accounting, sharing documents, and much, much more.

And while much has been made of the newest developments in social media and social networking, the behind the scenes technological advancements are the backbone of what we do. Sure, these applications and software systems are not as sexy as new social tools, but they are imperative to keep our business running and provide the best, most comprehensive service to our clients.

We recently worked with a developer to create a tool that tracks multiple networks, merchants and publishers. We also have a custom system that manages coupons, offers and deals. We believe this gives us a bit of an edge over our competitors.  And we are always looking to get a bit ahead of the curve.

Internally, we need to have systems that allow our team to share, communicate and have direct access to all information. We use BaseCamp as away to track projects, contacts and communicate. For us, having systems in place that are accessible from the road and via mobile devices is crucial to our business.

That’s why we’ve also recently begun moving to the cloud. We are now using Google Docs to share documents and information as well, while Google Voice enables the eAccountableOPM team to better access and manage phone calls.

We also use the latest in database technology, CRM, contact management and accounting systems.

Technology can give you the edge and when you’re dealing with performance you need to be performing at your peak.