By Durk Price

One of the key measurements of performance marketing is conversions. It is essential to get visitors of your site, for both merchants and affiliates, to take action. And that means turning visitors into buyers. It’s the ultimate goal for all parties in the online marketing equation.

I don’t know anyone in the space that isn’t looking to increase sales and leads, boost their average order size, find ways to appeal to new visitors and decrease their shopping cart abandonment rates.

While attending Internet Retailer Conference & Exposition earlier this month, I met the team from ConversionIQ. They have an offering called SCOPE (Site Continuous Optimization Program & Enhancements), a service with multiple levels that is designed to examine various elements on your site and then optimize them for higher conversions.

The difference between their offering and others that I have seen out there is that ConversionIQ guarantees it can deliver 30 percent more online sales.  I’ve seen claims and promises but I’ve never seen a company that guarantees its results.

Here’s the guarantee according to the ConversionIQ website:

ConversionIQ guarantees that we will increase the conversion rate of any website on SCOPE Director or Advisor levels by 30% or more (15% on Cloud level) within one year, or we’ll work for free for up to one year until it we do. Terms and conditions apply.

So, my question is…why wouldn’t you do it? It seems like a no-brainer.

We are planning to do an educational webinar with ConversionIQ in July. Stay tuned for details.