Organic Marketing (SEO/UX/CX)

Continual evaluation and improvement of the online customer experience throughout the sales funnel is no longer a nice to have – but a business imperative.

Our Customer Experience Solution is made up of four components:

  • Customer Experience Evaluation and Continuous Improvement
  • SEO Technical Audit
  • Content Enhancements and Amplification
  • Customer Survey Index (CSI)

Customer Experience Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

When we begin a new partnership with a new client we like to provide a thorough evaluation of their website and the online customer experience.

This Customer Experience Evaluation involves reviews of:

  • Current site analytics and data
  • Site visual design
  • Functionality and e-commerce (if applicable)
  • Content structure, availability, usability, strategy and support of sales funnel
  • Navigation and linking
  • Brand execution
  • SEO opportunities

SEO Technical

We haven’t met a website yet that doesn’t have at least a few technical issues which are preventing search engines from effectively crawling and ranking their site.

Solving these SEO technical issues is critical to search engine optimization and getting new customers to your site. For this reason, we run monthly SEO Technical audits to identify problems, and then create a plan to remediate them. This SEO Technical report and plan will provide you:

  • Overall site health score
  • Meta data issues
  • Page speed concerns
  • Mobile friendliness opportunities
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Broken links
  • Warnings
  • Recommendations for improvements

Content Strategy and Amplification

If you want to stay relevant – you need to stay on top of your content strategy. eAccountable takes creating great content very seriously. Our process involves looks at both improving existing site content and creating new content.

Our improvements to existing site content include determine:

  • Any structural changes can be made to the content to improve readability and flow
  • Any revisions can be made to clarify the content
  • Edits would assist in making the content more concise
  • The keywords to best optimize the pages around for best possible search engine ranking and search engine traffic

Our strategy for creating new content includes:

  • Researching and identifying topics that are original and will encourage reading, longevity, link building, search ranking and shareability
  • Creating an editorial calendar
  • Composing content in a manner that is easily scannable and digestible on multiple devices
  • Devising a strategy to achieve maximum views via working with PPC, social media and other link building strategies
  • Monthly analytics reporting and recommendations

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

It is not uncommon, we find, for companies to know their industry but be uncertain about who their customers are. Not knowing the ins and outs of your customer means you are likely missing the mark in providing them the customer experience that will lead to the most conversions. This is why we offer Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

CSI is a research service which provides you on-going demographic, geographic and psychographic data on your customers – allowing you to take out the guess work and make confident, accurate and revenue generating decisions.