eAccountable focuses clients on the most effective communication strings to add to customer appreciation and retention.

Order Thank You and Confirmations

Once a purchase is made, an email confirmation is sent thanking the purchaser and giving them detailed information about the purchase, including an image of their purchase.

Leading with a gracious “thank you” and stating that the customer’s shipping data will be provided as soon as possible further strengthens the customer’s perception of the company’s quality and commitment to providing good service.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

About 7-10 days after the product delivery date a followup with a link to a Customer Satisfaction Survey is sent to the customer.

Asking the customer whether they valued their experience provides a wealth of data and goodwill.

Refer-a-friend Communications

Now that the product has been delivered and the customer has responded positively to the customer satisfaction survey, what would be better than to get them to tell their friends about the experience?  We help incentivize current and future customers to shop with you.

This tool not only drives new customer acquisition but also can increases the lifetime value of each purchaser.

Join the Panel

You’ve got the customer, the customer is engaged with you, so ask him or her to join a special “Panel” to generate even more vital data for your company. From location, earnings, buying patterns and preferences and more, you will develop a detailed understanding of your customer profile.

Plus the customer feels acknowledged when you ask him or her for a deeper relationship.

Targeted Email, Targeted Offer

Impress your customer with a targeted email, depicting the item they just purchased and offering a discount on a related product, something that enhances what was just purchased.