recruit-a-blogger-logoHow it Works

  • eAccountable uses its Connection Portal to advertise and recruit affiliate bloggers.
  • All blogs are curated for content, content length, affiliate links and other requirements as specified to assure compliance before approving for payment.
  • 100% Managed Service.
  • Works on any size site.
  • Prizes, contests and giveaways can be offered to make the blog more compelling and drive signups, likes or email captures.
  • Blogger outreach delivers a longtail affiliate growth opportunity at an affordable cost.
  • To see sample blogger opportunities go to:


Staci Blog


Kim's Shopping Blog


  • No separate agreement required. No setup fees.
  • Recommend paying affiliate bloggers $5- $10 per valid post.
  • eAccountable verifies each blog post prior to approving payments.
  • Payments made through PayPal as the preferred method by affiliate bloggers.
  • Blogger outreach efforts can be month-to-month, multiple months or forecast on annual budgets.
  • Learn how we turn top bloggers into brand BLOG AMBASSADORS!


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