save-a-sale-logoThe Cart Abandon Issue

  • 65%-75% of shoppers will exit a website during their checkout.
  • Without a solution, those sales and users are lost forever!
  • Retargeting may be a solution, but may not necessarily be in real-time.

What if there were tools available that could:

  • Send optimized behaviorally targeted emails to abandon shoppers in real time?
  • Bring customers back to the site after they left without buying?
  • Convert 30%-50% of these abandoned carts?


How it Works:

  • Visitor uses the shopping cart and provides an email address (email capture), but leaves without purchasing.
  • Email capture is then turned into a follow-up communication string within 60 minutes of abandoning the website without purchasing. Multiple communications can be scheduled as an option.
  • Communication is a reminder to return and complete their transaction. The reminder can be with or without a financial incentive. The reminder can say ‘Thanks for visiting our site,’ ‘Did we answer all of your questions?’ or ‘How about we give you Free Shipping to help you decide to purchase now?’
  • Simple script added to Content Management System (CMS) of the site.


  • No setup fees.
  • Pay an affiliate payout for saved sales.