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As an early pioneer affiliate marketing agency, eAccountable has been at the forefront of driving consistent growth with marketing strategies that work. We won’t just plug and play; our full-service optimization program will evolve your affiliate marketing efforts to include Digital PR, Content Commerce, ecommerce, Influencer marketing, and more, so you don’t leave any money on the table.

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Accelerate your affiliate program with two decades of experience

A pioneer in affiliate marketing for 20 years, eAccountable has driven significant growth for over 300 clients.

Our affiliate marketing clients saw average annual revenue growth of 37% in 2020, with 56% of revenue coming from new customers.

Our proven 4-phase marketing campaign methodology to establish and grow your affiliate partner channel


Affiliate Network Opportunity Analysis

Our marketing team conducts a data-driven deep dive into your business to understand your goals, customers, products, competition and brand and help determine marketing solutions.


Onboarding & Launch Prep

We determine which publishing partners and content creators you should work with to hit your KPI metrics and the optimal commissions to offer to grow sales sustainably. We outline a Digital PR and content commerce strategy that will help you make the greatest impact across the entire affiliate marketing program.


Program Launch & Recruiting

Once your program launches, we use our relationships with publishers to recruit them into your program and promote your business as per the affiliate marketing strategy that we create with you. Recruitment doesn’t stop at launch; your account manager continuously looks for new partnerships through our internal intelligence, network recruitment tools, and third-party platforms.


Program Management & Growth Tactics

As your Affiliate Agency partner, we continuously analyze performance, make adjustments where necessary, identify new opportunities for growth, and communicate with publishers to optimize performance.

Case Studies | How we grew companies like yours

Driftaway, a coffee subscription brand, approached us to grow their affiliate channel to the next level. By recruiting hundreds of new affiliates, sending regular emails to their publisher audience, and driving Driftaway brand reach and awareness for their target audience, we created:


publishers in 8 months


content commerce revenue


monthly clicks

Covers and All, an industrial and custom cover company, needed a stronger affiliate management partner to grow their sales. By utilizing a wide span of verticals including cashback sites, garden and home decor publications, home improvement bloggers, social media posts, and email newsletters, we created:


YoY revenue increase


affiliate verticals


monthly readers

Why choose affiliate marketing for your business?

If you aren’t investing in your affiliate marketing channel, you’re missing out on new customers ready to buy your product. 

Why? Affiliate marketing is:

  • Low risk
  • High return on investment
  • Skilled at customer acquisition
  • One of the best ways to increase exposure
  • Highly scalable

Drive immediate sales

With a strong focus on recruitment and activation, many of our clients see sales and increased conversion rates within the first week of launching their affiliate marketing function. And it only scales from there.

Build brand loyalty

We keep your brand in front of your shoppers because affiliate shoppers purchase 4% more frequently and spend an average of 23% more per order. There’s a reason affiliate marketing accounts for 10-20% of overall online sales for major online retailers.

Acquire new customers

Through targeted offers, strong affiliate program management, strategic commission structures, and a healthy mix of publisher types (including Digital PR and content commerce affiliates), our clients see as much as +70% new customers driven through this channel.


increase in new customers


more revenue per shopper


average ROI per partner marketing affiliate program

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