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eAccountable’s digital consulting and auditing services assess the sustainability of your digital marketing efforts and provides a comprehensive roadmap and execution support to maximize digital sales.

This can include everything from customized channel mapping and ongoing competitor benchmarking to standing up a new e-commerce website in under 30 days.

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Your Marketing Sustainability & Profitability Review

The Digital Audit

Our digital marketing audit is a customizable, in-depth review that evaluates the sustainability of your current digital marketing efforts and paints a picture of what you should do next.

Our proprietary audit can look at a single channel or your entire digital marketing mix. It is designed to provide comprehensive guidance to your organization and can be tailored for numerous stakeholders: 


  • Small Business Owners
    Are your team and vendors executing to give you profitable and sustainable growth? 
  • Directors of E-commerce
    Maybe you have the tools to implement changes, but growth has stalled or ROI has dropped. What should you be doing next to keep the engine running? 
  • Potential Investors
    The financials may look good, but the intricacies of every channel are a lot to understand. We can help answer your questions about the sustainability and success of certain digital marketing efforts.

The Digital Performance Scorecard

The Digital Performance Scorecard is a proprietary tracker that ranks your brand compared to your closest competitors on numerous metrics related to your website, traffic, and web popularity.

The goal is to show what best in class looks like within your competitor peer group. The scorecard is a snapshot of where you are today. Continually running the scorecard over time helps to show trends in competitors, highlighting the ones you should be watching most closely. The full scorecard includes:


Website Score

Website score measures the volume of digital consumer interactions for a business across all of its major url domains. We consider dimensions like visitors, visits, time spent, page views, quality and source of visit.


Search Score

Search score measures the volume of digital consumer search activity across all of it’s major branded search terms. We consider dimensions like local (US) search volume, global search volume, website clicks originating from search, and paid vs organic search.


Social Score

Social score measures the volume of digital consumer interactions for a business in major social media networks. We consider dimensions like followers, subscribers, likes, views, and talking intensity across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


Penetration Score

Penetration score measures the size of the audience that a business is able to reach online through its major digital properties across websites, search, social, and apps. We consider dimensions like unique visitors, visits, search volume, followers, and daily active app users.


Engagement Score

Engagement score measures the intensity of engagement that a business is able to create with its online audience across multiple platforms. We consider dimensions like visits per user, page views per visit, average time spent, stay rate, and app usage time.


Popularity Score

Popularity score measures the loyalty of consumers by identifying those advocating explicitly for a business online via major social media platforms. We consider dimensions like followers, subscribers, and likes across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Get a Custom Consulting Proposal for an Independent Assessment of Your Digital Marketing Channels

Whether you need guidance on a single channel or your entire marketing mix, eAccountable is here to help.

Our custom analysis will dig into your digital campaigns to answer questions including:

  • Is your current digital strategy sustainable long term?
  • Is there wasted spend and can efficiency be improved? 
  • How do your campaigns benchmark against your competitors?

We take your privacy seriously and will never sell your personal information.

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eAccountable has an excellent knowledge of the business…but even more important for PureFormulas, is the fact that we can rely on these great folks to get the job done in an efficient manner. Our partnership has been built on an impeccable value system that consists of transparency, integrity, and revolving in a culture driven by mutually agreed results and accountability. We love working with Durk, Stephanie and all past and present eAccountable team members — rare combination of driving outstanding results at a cost that’s extremely approachable. Thanks for all you do for the PureFormulas team!

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It is one of the best-run agency relationships I have. eAccountable brings high quality and new publishers that the client wouldn’t have otherwise known about. The team has good project management skills and always meets deadlines. They are experienced and flexible.”

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eAccountable has spurred over a 700,000% increase in PPC ad engagement. The team at eAccountable is professional, communicative, and accountable. Their team is committed to your long term success and are dedicated to your brand — not making a quick buck.”

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