Affiliate Marketing Roadmap

An Affiliate Marketing program is a proven method to help close sales, greatly increased average order value, acquire new customers and build brand loyalty.

eAccountable is a turn-key digital marketing solutions provider who will nurture and manage the relationship between you, affiliates (influencers, publishers, industry sites, discounters, coupon and cashback sites) and the affiliate network to ensure optimized revenue opportunities and a consistent customer journey.

The phases associated with a successful Affiliate Marketing program are outlined below.

PHASE 1: Onboarding & Launch Prep (2 Weeks)

  • Discover business needs and set affiliate marketing program goals via onboarding call
  • Run a competitive analysis to provide commission payout recommendations
  • Finalize current affiliate marketing program audit (if applicable)
  • Deliver and execute eAccountable and affiliate network contracts. (eAccountable receives preferred agency pricing. Submit required network launch fee and fund affiliate escrow account.)
  • Create collaborative ‘Project Task List’ to assign tasks between agency and client
  • Provide dynamic tracking pixel integration instructions (required for the Pepperjam affiliate network. Plug-and-play integration available via Magento extension, Shopify app or BigCommerce plugin)
  • Create an eAccountable email alias for streamlined communication
  • Test tracking integration on development and live sites for network’s technical approval
  • Generate product data feed and order corrections files for daily affiliate network upload
  • Set up affiliate network merchant account including program information and tiered commission offers based on affiliate classification
  • Set cookie tracking length and corrections window
  • Create and upload evergreen text links, banner ads and promotions (requires vector logo
  • Generate program terms and conditions, newsletter template and automated email responders

PHASE 2: Program Launch & Recruiting (4 Weeks)

  • GO LIVE! - Request program activation from affiliate network
  • Recruit proven affiliates for driving new customer revenue from various categories (loyalty, coupon, cashback, content, sub-affiliate, etc.) (There is a tiered payout for each type.)
  • Recruit influencers and content affiliates related to your target consumer
  • Collaborate on creating a 60-day marketing calendar for affiliate marketing channel promotions
  • Add affiliate marketing program join page to your site and add link in the footer for easy access
  • Schedule bi-monthly update calls to discuss program development
  • Ensure your page contains correct branding, logo, descriptions, relevant offers, and correct usage of affiliate links on all affiliate sites
  • Test tracking integration on development and live sites for network’s technical approval

PHASE 3: Program Management & Growth Tactics (Ongoing)

  • Activate top affiliates not yet generating revenue and continue recruiting
  • Screen affiliate marketing program applications to continue to add valuable affiliates to program
  • Send out weekly newsletters to all affiliates containing current deals and promotions
  • Create customized reports with automated weekly or monthly sends available
  • Perform monthly order corrections to ensure only valid and shipped affiliate sales receive commission payouts (if not automated)
  • Utilize BrandVerity monitoring of brand’s keyword policies to screen paid search results to ensure there are not trademark bidding issues and/or direct linking violations by affiliates
  • Refine offer strategy to ensure conversion rate and average order size improvements
  • If using the Pepperjam network, implement enhanced attribution technology including:
    • Code Suppression to prevent commissions on offers from other marketing channels
    • Exclusive Code to assign a code to single affiliate who receives credit for all redemptions
    • Preferred Affiliate to receives credit on all sales regardless of who was the last click
    • Clickless Tracking to track sales through code redemptions with no link clicks necessary
    • First Click to assign credit to top-of-funnel influencers instead of last-click coupon sites
    • Optimizer for advanced affiliate recruiting and influencer campaign management tools.

How Much Revenue Can Affiliate Marketing Generate for You?