Driving Significant Growth for A Leading Home Equity Lender

Did you know over 51.5 million total American households have mortgages? That’s right—if you’re buying a house in 2023, there’s a good chance that you’re taking out a loan. 

The question is, from where should you take out a home loan? That’s where the client comes in. 

This client is an Andreessen Horowitz FinTech company that specializes in lending to homeowners by investing in their home equity with no monthly payments, no income requirements, and no need for perfect credit—a unique value proposition that sets them apart from other lenders. 

Thanks to an impactful investment in their search engine marketing (SEM), they know the value of optimizing their online presence via paid search. 

The Challenge

Everyone needs a home loan when they’re buying a house—so you can imagine how hyper-competitive the home lending market is. 

And when you’re looking for lending options, one of the first places you’ll search is on Google—or Bing, if that’s what you choose to use. 

Facing fierce competition from banks, online lending marketplaces, and other FinTech lenders, the client recognized the need for an expert search engine marketing strategy to establish themselves as a trusted brand for homeowners seeking alternative lending options.

Our Solution

In partnering with them, our initial goals were to drive substantial growth in monthly home equity investments, maximize return on investment (ROI) from paid search campaigns, and differentiate the client from its competitors online. 

Not only did we succeed at these goals—we exceeded them. 

Maximized Return On Ad Spend

To ensure a maximum return on ad spend (ROAS), our experienced Search Engine Marketing team meticulously planned, executed, and optimized their paid search campaigns. 

After 4 years of management, the client entrusted us with a monthly SEM ad spend in the high six figures. Because they knew that they would get that investment back—and then some. 

Leveraging Key Partnerships

To fully capitalize on a sizable ad spend, eAccountable leveraged a partnership with Google’s mid-market teams for a much higher level of employee access and strategy. 

We worked closely with Google’s very own specialists in smart bidding and conversion attribution, giving us key insights into their SEM framework so we could further improve campaign performance and drive even bigger profits for the client. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making

eAccountable’s expertise in building attribution models and advanced reporting provided them with valuable insights into campaign performance and customer behavior.

By using regression analysis on signals unique to home lending like FICO score or home equity, our team was able to mathematically identify their target audience and key drivers of profitability. 

Our reliance on data-driven insights helped exponentially grow their SEM channel over our four years of management. 

Impressive Growth 

Under eAccountable’s management, the client experienced significant growth, going from zero to a peak of $19 million in monthly home equity investments in 2022, with our SEM efforts being a key driver of profitability. 

While these strategies we implemented were a strong factor in the growth of their business, our team at eAccountable couldn’t have optimized this SEM channel without the time and effort put forth by their team. Their dedication to maintaining a collaborative partnership allowed us to maximize the potential of their SEM channel. We look forward to continuing to help grow their business as we continue to work together.

About eAccountable

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