How a Niche Luxury Goods Site Tripled Organic Traffic with SEO

In the competitive realm of luxury consumer goods, one small enthusiast website faced a common challenge: despite gaining branded awareness, they struggled to translate it into effective SEO strategies that could propel them past their competitors. However, with careful analysis and strategic planning, they discovered a pathway to success.

The Challenge

This particular website, while gaining recognition in its niche, found itself trailing behind competitors in search engine rankings. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t crack the code to leveraging their brand awareness into tangible SEO actions that would boost their visibility and traffic.

The Solution

After deep competitor research, we discovered that there was an untapped segment of low-difficult but high volume keywords that competitors in their space were not targeting. A comprehensive SEO editorial plan of action was created aimed at targeting these keywords, alongside a commitment to enhancing Core Web Vitals (CWVs) to ensure optimal user experience.

The Results

Over the course of 12 months, the website executed their SEO strategy diligently, focusing on 25 high-value keywords. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable. After the 12 month period, the website experienced an approx. 190% increased in organic traffic for high affiliate-leveraged keywords like “best dive watches,” “best watches under 500,” “best military watches,” “best solar watches,” and more!


This success story underscores the power of strategic SEO planning and diligent execution. By delving into competitor research and identifying overlooked keyword opportunities, this small enthusiast website managed to outperform larger competitors and establish a dominant presence in their niche. It serves as a testament to the fact that, even in a competitive landscape, there are always avenues for growth and success through astute SEO strategies.

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