Maximizing E-commerce Growth: Malco Automotive’s Amazon Success

In 2019, Malco Automotive partnered with eAccountable for comprehensive Amazon management services. Their primary objective was to achieve a remarkable sales growth of 87% year-over-year (Y/Y). However, amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the sales target was re-forecasted to a still ambitious 58% Y/Y growth.

Our Solution:

eAccountable devised a tailored strategy to address Malco’s challenges and optimize its Amazon presence effectively.

  • Content Optimization and Advertising Campaigns: We implemented content optimizations to enhance the visibility of Malco’s listings, coupled with low-cost-per-click (CPC) advertising campaigns to drive increased click traffic.
  • Creation of a Storefront and A+ Content: A dedicated Storefront was developed for Malco, offering a curated shopping experience. Additionally, A+ content was incorporated across all listings to enhance product presentation and customer engagement.


Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, the collaboration between Malco and eAccountable yielded exceptional results.

  • Sales Growth:
    • In 2020, sales were up 89% Y/Y, surpassing both the re-forecasted and original forecast.
    • In 2021, sales were up 90% Y/Y
    • In 2022, sales were up 63% Y/Y
    • In 2023, sales were up 40% Y/Y
  • Enhanced Click Traffic and Storefront Performance:
    • Click traffic soared by an outstanding 204% Y/Y, indicating the effectiveness of the optimized content and advertising campaigns.
    • Notably, 34% of all sales were attributed to the newly introduced Storefront, showcasing its significant contribution to overall revenue generation.


The collaborative efforts between Malco and eAccountable exemplify the power of strategic Amazon management solutions in driving consistent sales growth and navigating through challenging market environments. By leveraging innovative strategies and continuous optimization, Malco not only achieved but surpassed their ambitious sales targets, establishing a robust foundation for sustained success in the e-commerce landscape.

About eAccountable 

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