Maximizing ROI and Brand Visibility With An SEM Transformation

Have a comfy seat to work in? 

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, you can spend a lot of time sitting on one chair, so you might as well invest in one that supports you. 

That’s why this client makes luxury chairs with an ergonomic design and lower back support that will ensure you are comfy and focused for your work day. 

Thanks to a strategic investment in their search engine marketing, the ergonomic office product company was able to optimize their paid search channel, generating substantial revenue and impressive growth for their D2C business.

The Challenge

Recognizing eAccountable’s expertise in omnichannel digital marketing strategy, the client sought to leverage their capabilities to further enhance and diversify their direct online sales. Building upon eAccountable’s initial success running their Amazon channel, they asked eAccountable to take over management of their paid search channel (SEM) in September 2021. 

Upon taking over, there was a lot of low hanging fruit that we were able to attack from the get go to grow their paid search channel.The client’s search engine marketing channel did not have Google Shopping campaigns running and needed to take a more proactive approach to addressing negative reviews they had received on their products. 

Our Solution

Our strategy focused on optimizing several key areas of the client’s SEM marketing campaigns, which included relaunching Google Shopping campaigns, addressing Google product reviews, implementing Performance Max campaigns, and enhancing branded search campaigns. 

Addressing Product Reviews

The team started by addressing negative product reviews on Google, cultivating a positive online reputation, and enhancing brand credibility. 

Relaunching Google Shopping

Next, we relaunched Google Shopping in October 2021, which became an essential piece of growing their paid search channel. Since the relaunch of Google Shopping, it has generated over $5M in revenue alone, or a +395% P/P growth. 

Performance Max Campaigns

In order to maximize the client’s return on ad spend, we successfully tested Performance Max Campaigns. Performance Max Campaigns are Google advertising campaigns that use machine learning and automation to optimize ad placements across Google Search, Display, YouTube, and Discover. By testing Performance Max Campaigns, we were able to successfully generate enhanced conversions that increased profitability. 

Branded Search Campaigns

Brand visibility is important, especially for a luxury brand. That’s why the team implemented strategic improvements to the client’s branded search campaigns, ensuring specific keywords and search queries related to brand name led right to them. 

Significant Revenue Growth 

Overall, by optimizing campaign performance, addressing product reviews, and leveraging advanced strategies, eAccountable successfully improved profitability and brand presence for the client. 

Our strategy resulted in significant revenue growth in the client’s search engine marketing channel. Over the course of 18 months, our partnership generated over $32M total SEM revenue. This includes nearly $10M in new revenue generated from both Shopping and Non-Brand campaigns, as well as the +$5M in revenue from relaunching Google Shopping, demonstrating eAccountable’s ability to diversify revenue streams from within their paid search channel.

While the strategies we implemented were clearly a strong factor in the growth of their business, our team at eAccountable couldn’t have optimized this SEM channel without the time and effort put forth by the client. Their dedication to maintaining a collaborative partnership allowed us to maximize the potential of their SEM channel. We look forward to continuing to help grow their business as we continue to work together.

About eAccountable

eAccountable is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more than two decades, online retailers have partnered with us to increase revenue, acquire new customers, and build brand loyalty. Through an integrated omnichannel digital marketing approach, we have helped clients across many industries recognize quick and extremely profitable results.

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