Revolutionizing Personalization: Fulcrum’s Increased Conversions For a Vitamin & Supplement Provider

At eAccountable, we are always thinking of driving sales for our clients. Selling is our north star, and one of the key components of selling is having the right message for the right person at the right time. 

When someone comes to your website, it can be hard to have a broad enough message that effectively speaks to all of the segments in your target audience. 

Fulcrum: Our Partner In Personalization

With our partner at Fulcrum, they can do just that. 

When someone visits your website, Fulcrum can help you project the right message based on the information we know about the visitor. By personalizing your website’s message for each visitor, Fulcrum helps you increase conversions and speak directly to your customer’s needs and preferences. 

Interested in learning more? Here’s an example of the successes we’ve witnessed from the very talented team at Fulcrum: 

The Challenge

A well-known provider of vitamins and supplements came to Fulcrum looking for a partner to help them present their extensive product line in a personalized manner to both new and returning users. 

The previous static recommendation strategy for high-margin products lacked flexibility—it projected the same products and categories to everyone, no matter what their buying behavior was. 

Plus, it took valuable website development time whenever they needed to make wholesale merchandising changes. 

They needed a platform that could help their website track real-time buying behavior and showcase relevant products and categories all within a single browsing session. 

The Solution

Fulcrum’s solution to the vitamin and supplement provider’s challenge came from their Customer Success team, which led the server-side implementation by mapping the relevant BigCommerce data to the Fulcrum machine-learning model. During the first six months, the team focused on implementing a three-pronged approach: 

1. Product Recommendations

Using machine learning algorithms to analyze customer behavior, Fulcrum was able to personalize product recommendations to each individual website visitor based on their individual preferences, purchase history, and browsing patterns.

By drawing from this data in real-time, Fulcrum enabled the vitamin and supplement website to showcase the most relevant products for each consumer browsing the website. 

2. Category Merchandising

Next, Fulcrum renovated the homepage by incorporating dynamic category merchandising. This guaranteed that visitors would encounter vitamin and supplement product categories and promotions that aligned with their historical browsing and purchasing data. 

This means that when any visitor visits the website, all of the products, categories, and promotions are tailored to their personal preferences. 

3. Email Recommendations

Fulcrum integrated its software with SF Marketing Cloud, their email service platform (ESP). 

This enabled the same targeted product and category recommendations to be implemented in the vitamin and supplement company’s email marketing channel. This expanded the reach of Fulcrum’s personalized recommendations to the company’s extensive email database.

The Results

In the first six months, we were able to witness Fulcrum produce the following stellar results for the vitamin and supplement provider:  

+29% Increase In Repeat Buyer Rate

There was a remarkable +29% surge in the company’s Repeat Buyer Rate in the first six months of the partnership. This can be attributed to a strategic focus on existing customers through the delivery of personalized product suggestions. 

Fulcrum’s customized product recommendations not only streamlined the repurchasing process but also fostered increased customer loyalty to the vitamin and supplement provider’s brand. 

+12% Increase In Email Engagement

A significant +12% boost in Email Engagement was cultivated by implementing open-time email recommendations through Fulcrum’s integration. This ensured that subscribers received the most current and relevant suggestions based on their personal preferences and history. 

This led to increased traffic and clicks on the site, demonstrating the effectiveness of delivering timely and personalized product and category recommendations to the audience.

-9% Bounce Rate Reduction

A noteworthy -9% reduction in Bounce Rate was observed in these first six months, illustrating how Fulcrum enhanced the user experience. A lower bounce rate means more website visitors were able to access relevant content and navigate through the conversion funnel with greater efficiency.

+13% Increase In Average Order Value (AOV)

When your average order value (AOV) goes up, so do your company’s profits. Fulcrum facilitated an impactful +13% increase in Average Order Value by implementing personalized recommendation widgets based on consumer data. These widgets were able to effectively anticipate user needs and present ample opportunities for users to add relevant items to their shopping carts, subsequently increasing each consumer’s AOV. 

Work With Fulcrum & eAccountable

Fulcrum’s multifaceted success demonstrates the effectiveness of delivering personalized content and recommendations to users based on their preferences and behaviors. It illustrates that a personalized marketing approach like theirs can not only streamline user journeys but also significantly contribute to improved engagement, conversion efficiency, and overall transaction value. 

If it worked for them, why can’t it work for your business? 

Partner with Fulcrum and eAccountable to take your website and email marketing to the next level. Fulcrum can help you personalize your product and category recommendations through real-time first-party data in a way that no other company can. And eAccountable’s full-service digital marketing services help provide the big-picture strategy, account management, and implementation to help you scale your business to the next level. 

About eAccountable & Fulcrum

Fulcrum is an enterprise-grade Conversion Optimization Platform (SaaS) headquartered in Denver, Colorado. They capture user behavior data in real-time and use that information to deliver personalized experiences across your marketing channels, increasing user engagement and accelerating conversion.

eAccountable is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more than two decades, online retailers have partnered with us to increase revenue, acquire new customers, and build brand loyalty. Through an integrated omnichannel digital marketing approach, we have helped clients across many industries recognize quick and extremely profitable results.

If you’re interested in learning more about how eAccountable and Fulcrum can help you show the right message to the right person at the right time, drop us a line here.