Sports Training Equipment Brand on Amazon Growing 177% YoY

When we can beat a client’s goal by 77% and do so by bringing in higher converting traffic, not just casting a broad net and costing valuable marketing dollars we can then reinvest and set up the next year for even better results.

The Challenge

The Advertiser has been a client of eAccountable’s since 2006. They are a leader in the sports equipment and training aids vertical.

In mid-2018, eAccountable took over the full-service management of the Advertiser’s Amazon account. The Advertiser set the goal of 100% YoY increase in both sales
and traffic on Amazon in 2019.

The Results

Using a comprehensive strategy centered around optimizing content, aggressive paid advertising, product line expansion and buy box control, the Advertiser successfully increased 2019 sales revenue by 177% YoY, and click traffic by 97% YoY.

Leveraging eAccountable to Build a Content Strategy

Prior to the Amazon partnership, eAccountable was managing several marketing channels for the Advertiser including Google/Bing paid search and affiliate marketing. Because of this, eAccountable had extensive, pre-existing product knowledge necessary to create the optimal Amazon strategy.

eAccountable’s initial focus was on the optimization of organic content. It is essential to ensure all content is retail ready before pushing additional traffic to the listings. Retail readiness is a critical component of successful Amazon marketing.1 All listings needed titles, key product features, search terms, and categories evaluated and updated. In addition, each listing needed unique Enhanced Brand Content developed to increase conversion rates. To complete the content overhaul, eAccountable worked in-tandem with the Advertiser to create an Amazon Store page. The process of updating existing content and building out supplemental content took several months and encompassed the entire product line of roughly 150 unique products. eAccountable completed all the content optimizations by the start of 2019.


Leveraging eAccountable to Accelerate Paid Growth

Once the Amazon listings were organically optimized, the focus shifted to running paid ads on Amazon. Because the Advertiser had multiple resellers selling their products, it was essential to secure the buy box as frequently as possible. 82% of Amazon sales go to the Buy Box winner.2

In April of 2019, the Advertiser was able to offer Free Shipping on a large
number of listings. This allowed the Advertiser to win the buy box with more consistency and, from there, the ability to run paid ads more aggressively. eAccountable focused on promoting products that were retail ready, meaning the content is fully optimized, more than 15 reviews with a +3.5 star rating, and product fully in-stock.

Using a combination of Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Ads, paid advertising was up 962% YoY during Q2 2019.


Paid Growth Q2

Growing Amazon Through a Comprehensive Approach

eAccountable quickly noticed that the spike in paid advertising sales was affecting organic traffic. During Q2 2019, organic sales were up 99% YoY.  It was concluded that increased traffic and sales in paid advertisement led to increased traffic and sales in organic. This is quite common, these two pieces of the Amazon puzzle work together to increase a brand’s Amazon presence.

Understanding the Relationship Between
Organic Content & Paid Advertising on Amazon

Organic Content and Paid Advertising on Amazon

eAccountable recommended a 100% increase in paid spend, which was approved by the Advertiser. With the spend increase during Q3, in conjunction with the organic content optimization, paid sales were up 921%, organic sales up were 410%, and total sales up were 519% in Q3.

Q3 Paid, Organic & Total Sales Growth YoY


To conclude, the Advertiser’s sales were up 177% and traffic was up 97% Year-over-Year. eAccountable accomplished this through a comprehensive approach of updating all content, increasing our Buy Box win rate and growing total sales through paid advertisements. The biggest takeaway was organic sales and paid sales worked in-tandem. As paid sales improved, so did organic sales. eAccountable believes this integrated approach was vital to the Advertiser’s success.

While these ad strategies have been a strong factor in the growth of the Advertiser’s business, managing Amazon isn’t something an agency could do without the effort put forth by the Advertiser’s team. Amazon, as a source of revenue, takes commitment from the brand to uphold
compliance with Amazon’s strict policies and to put processes in place to handle the new business if sellers want it to be a successful, growing channel.

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