Google Discovery Campaigns

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Blog

Are your non-brand keyword campaigns not performing? Look no further. 

Google’s Discovery campaigns are an optimal alternative to keyword targeting. By reinvesting spend into these campaigns, you will reach new audiences that are unfamiliar with your products or services, resulting in new awareness, new clicks, and new sales. This campaign type is a hybrid of sorts; allowing both the ad copy and the visual impact of display ads to work in tandem as an effective conversion tool. We’ve seen great results with our early testing, more on that later. 

These ads can show across Google’s properties including YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs, and Discover. This of course encompasses billions of people, so you’ll need to narrow the audience, targeting people that are relevant to your product, looking to buy your product, or by specific demographics and locations.

Google Discovery Ad Placements

Smart bidding strategies, frequency capping, and the ability to exclude specific types of content sites are available features in Google’s Discovery campaigns, in addition to incorporating lead form ad extensions and other cool interactive abilities into your ads.

Getting started is easy. All you’ll need are a few lifestyle or product images, logos, and your ad copy. Google will automatically create variations to fit specific formats and spaces, like on mobile devices. Similar to responsive ads, Google will also test variations of your ad headlines and descriptions. You can use the included preview tool to get a sense of how the ads will appear across properties. 

Finally, set a budget and start reaching new customers across properties on the web!

In testing discovery ads with a client in the fintech space we’ve already seen performance surpassing our traditional non-brand search campaigns. Last month Discovery Ads drove 4,953 clicks out of 9,225 total (54% of total account traffic). They had a cost-per-lead of $59, vs $82 for our traditional search campaigns overall (-28% CPL).

In the hyper-competitive ad space of fintech, we’ve begun testing Discovery Campaigns. In the last month, Discovery Campaigns accounted for 4,953 clicks out of 9,225 total (54% of total traffic). The Discovery Ads performed with a $59 cost per lead compared the average of $82 in our traditional campaigns (-28% CPL).

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