Introducing MYCE On Amazon: Manage Your Customer Engagement

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Amazon, Blog

Amazon just announced their newest feature: MYCE.

Before we get into what MYCE is, let’s examine something interesting.

197 million people visit Amazon every month. It’s the world’s biggest online retailer.

However, until now, retail stores have had one crucial advantage.

Something even more painful for your profits when you consider the potentially huge footfall your Amazon store has.

    You can’t talk to your customers.

You may have the smartest store front …

    … the widest range of products …. the best product listings …

… but unless you can talk to them, how do you tell customers about your new products and offers?

That difficult first sale becomes all the harder to make.

And what about your existing customers – the ones who, compared to someone making their first purchase, are 3-7 times as likely to buy again? 

Not being able to talk to them is quite the obstacle…

Introducing MYCE On Amazon

Thankfully, Amazon has decided to set this straight with MYCE.

Disclaimer: it has nothing to do with mice. 

MYCE stands for Manage Your Customer Engagement

MYCE allows brand registered sellers to send emails directly to customers who follow your Amazon store.

So, it gives you the freedom to give your followers updates on new products and offers, driving them to your store to buy.  

What’s more, not only are you getting this piece of business, you’re also keeping customers away from your competitors.

How To Manage Your Customer Engagement On Amazon

With MYCE, you’re able to email your customers once every seven days, with campaigns running for five days. Here’s a quick summary of how to use it:

  1. Select a shopping event theme – Select the theme that sets the style of your email.
  1. Pick a primary product – Select the product you want to prominently feature in your email campaign. 
  1. Find a supporting image – Select a lifestyle image or an image that explains the benefits of the product. 
  1. Pick your supporting products – Select up to four supporting products to add to your campaign. They will appear below your primary product. 
  1. Schedule your campaign – Pick the date you want your campaign to start sending. Your campaign will be sent over the 5 days starting from the date you select.
  1. Subject line and section header  – The section header is the visible text that appears at the top of the email body 
  1. Upload your brand logo and header style – For the email header, you can select between a dark and a light version. 

… don’t forget to name your campaign.  Your customers won’t see the title, it’s for your reference when seeing how well it’s done.

Got a question … think it sounds too complicated … would rather an expert take the reins?

Drop us a line here to get in touch with our team of Amazon experts. We’ll set up a chat to see if we can help you optimize your Amazon channel to reach it’s potential.