Social Media Marketing

In 2018 social media advertising budgets were predicted to be $15 Billion up from $5 Billion dollars in 2018 and for good reason – it works. Social media advertising is not only cost effective but excellent for:

  • Achieving huge reach cost effectively
  • Driving site and content views
  • Precise audience and ad targeting

Our Paid Social Media Advertising solution includes:

Ad Creation

We build ad design, type and locations variations for every campaign.

  • Design variations include: image, ad text, ad headline, call-to-action, link description, location and/or URL testing.
  • Ad Types include: Dynamic Product Ads, Static Single Image, Carousel (multiple images), Canvas (full screen ads) and Video.
  • Ad Locations include: Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook Right Column, Facebook Audience Network and Instagram.

Pixel Integration

We will set up Facebook tracking pixel for standard Facebook Base Code and Standard Event Codes for tracking conversions and other website actions.

Audience Building

We not only target your existing audience but leverage tools to help you find others like them.

Campaign Building

There are many lucrative campaigns to run with paid social media advertising. These can include initiatives to identify and recruit lookalike audiences and dynamic remarketing to show specific products to customers who previously visited your website.


We don’t guess which ads perform the best, we conduct rigorous testing to determine which ads will perform the best.

Campaign Monitoring

Our teams monitor our Paid Solution Media campaigns on a daily basis for optimal performance, budgets preservation and KPIs achievement.


eAccountable delivers a monthly Facebook performance review. This report can include but is not limited to: conversions/conversion rate, Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Click-through Rate (CTA), Cost per Click (CPC), Reach/impressions, Clicks/Link Clicks, Frequency, Amount Spent, Leads and Cost Per Lead.