2022 Prime Day Results: Sales Lessons From Amazon’s Best Day Ever

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Amazon

2022 Prime Day Results

2022 Prime Day Results are in. Our clients had a combined 44.53% YoY increase in Amazon Prime Day revenue this year, making well over $500K total in just two days.

And it’s not just us.

According to a Yahoo Finance report, Amazon Prime shoppers bought over 300 million items over Prime Day, with $3 billion in small business sales. This was up from 250 million items and $1.9 billion in small business sales last year…making it the best year yet.

In fact, insider reports from Amazon said that this wasn’t just the best two days of Prime Day…it was the best two days of sales in Amazon history.

So what’s the cause for this success?

We expected strong 2022 Prime Day Results for a few reasons. 

For one, Amazon made a major advertising push for Prime Day this year, promoting on everything from billboards, to television, to their own packaging. 

Another factor may well be inflation — a record high 9.1% inflation rate could mean many consumers were waiting for Prime Day deals to buy all of their favorite goods at a significant discount. 

According to Rolling Stone, some of the highest-grossing products on Prime Day were headphones (Apple, Beats, Sony), home devices (Amazon Echo, Firestick, Nintendo Switch), home appliances (Hue Lightbulbs, Amazon Smart Plug, air fryers) and more. 

Effective Prime Day Strategies

Since we knew it was going to be a record-breaking Amazon Prime Day, we got our clients ready by utilizing these best practices:

  1. Have enough inventory
  2. Add A+ content on key products
  3. Run smarter ads with increased bids
  4. Budget properly for increased CPCs
  5. Use other marketing channels
  6. Expect delays and hiccups
  7. Monitor seller account closely during Prime Day
  8. Prepare for a post Prime-Day uptick

Amazon Prime Day Preparedness

The first half of Prime Day 1 (July 12th) and the second half of Prime Day 2 (July 13th) are usually when we see the most sales. 

This is because customers who have been waiting for Prime Day will usually purchase first thing in the morning on Day 1 (July 12th), and customers who realize Prime Day is about to end will usually buy in the evening on Day 2 (July 13th) before time runs out. 

Keeping this in mind, there was a significant boost in cost-per-clicks (CPCs) as everyone was paying more for certain keywords. This caused a lot of budgets to run out early on Day 1 (July 12th). We anticipated that budgets would run out, and were ready to hop on and increase budgets for key paid advertisements so we could maximize our client’s return on ad spend (ROAS). 

Customer Acquisition and Sales Boost 

A great part about Prime Day is the butterfly effect it can have on your business in the following days and months, including boosting your sales and increasing your new customer acquisition. 

If you had good 2022 Prime Day results, you can leverage that success over the following days — especially for brands who run their Prime Day deals well past July 12-13th. 

Plus, Prime Day annually adds hundreds of thousands of new customers to Amazon Prime itself. This provides the opportunity for a robust increase in customer acquisition for your company. If your new customers like your products after buying them on Prime Day, they’re destined to purchase again, increasing your market share. 

A Record-Breaking Sales Event

As stated above, eAccountable’s Amazon clients were +44% year-over-year (YoY) in Prime Day revenue, making over $500K combined over the course of July 12-13th. 

Our standout performance came from our pre-workout supplements client, Gorilla Mind, who made over $250K in the two-day span — nearly $100K more than they made on Amazon Prime Day 2021. 

They also had the highest week-over-week (WoW) Amazon revenue increase of any client, making well over $110K than they made on July 5-6th (the previous Tuesday-Wednesday). 

When it came to growing our clients newer to selling on Amazon, Prime Day was a great opportunity for them to break through:

  • Golf bag company Subtle Patriot had an astronomical +2624% YoY increase in revenue
  • Bone conduction earphone company zBones had a 404% WoW increase in revenue

We expect both of these companies to see elevated sales, and new customers, throughout the year.

2022 Prime Day Results and Year-Round Sales

Amazon’s 2022 Prime Day results will go down in history. Yet we know a successful Prime Day is only part of a strategic, sales-winning Amazon strategy. If you’re an Amazon seller looking to acquire new customers, improve your strategy, and sell exponentially more, we can help.

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