From the grounds up: How Driftaway coffee brewed partnership success

The Setup

With a mission to make specialty coffee accessible to all, without any pretensions or snobbery, Driftaway Coffee’s affiliate/partnership program
with their legacy affiliate provider was growing as stale as day-old coffee. They knew they needed a change, so they turned to eAccountable for a
much-needed jolt. Through the eAccountable team’s help and the Partnerize platform’s technology, they we’re able to professionalize, stabilize,
and grow their partnership channel.

The Treatment

Powered by Partnerize, eAccountable was able to achieve great success in Driftaway Coffee’s partnership program by:

  • Identifying, recruiting, and activating quality content and social media partners to drive incremental click traffic and impressions aiding in the
  • growth of both brand reach and awareness.
  • Easily engaging high-quality partners by distributing exclusive offers to drive incremental traffic and conversions.
  • Reporting and managing key performance metrics, aiding in program and tactic optimization.
  • Communicating easily and efficiently with the growing partner community by sharing various promotional offers, products, and other pertinent
  • brand related information through the Partnerize platform’s integrated newsletter capabilities.

“Partnerize technology, including, exclusive offer codes, reporting, newsletter messaging, and performance metrics reporting, has allowed eAccountable to manage the Driftaway Coffee affiliate program to achieve their goals and grow the brand reach and awareness!”

Kent Heltne, Senior Program Manager, eAccountable

The Results

This approach of using best-match partner discovery technology and extending exclusive offers via Partnerize coupled with
a comprehensive partner communications strategy brought Driftaway Coffee some major wins including:

  • 689: Content publishers recruited to the program through Partnerize
  • 145: Social Media publishers recruited to the program through Partnerize
  • 125%: YOY traffic increase from content and social media partners
  • 18K: Monthly Clicks an increase of 61.5% in traffic ’23 YTD vs ’22 YTD
  • $86K: Content Commerce Revenue
  • 42: emails in 2023 vs. 25 in 2022

About eAccountable

eAccountable is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more than two decades, online retailers have partnered with us to increase revenue, acquire new customers, and build brand loyalty. Through an integrated omnichannel digital marketing approach, we have helped clients across many industries recognize quick and extremely profitable results.

If you’re interested in learning more about how eAccountable can help you maximize your affiliate sales and increase your brand exposure, drop us a line.