Overcoming SEO Hurdles: How Fiber Cables Direct Boosted B2B Sales in a Niche Market

Fiber Cables Direct is a top-notch online store that specializes in selling high-quality fiber optic cables, including custom-made assemblies that cater to all your specific needs. They provide fast and free shipping services to ensure that you receive your order in the shortest possible time, and their products come with a lifetime guarantee, giving you the peace of mind you need.

The Challenge

Fiber Cables Direct was looking to grow sales in a very niche and competitive B2B market via organic search while also working through historical SEO issues that had been holding back site growth.

Our Solution

In competitive markets, the focus is on ranking higher than the competition by implementing specific action items that can make a significant difference. After analyzing the situation, we found some technical SEO opportunities that, once addressed, could help FCD gain a competitive edge and improve its position in search engine results pages (SERPs). This was particularly beneficial because much of FCD’s B2B competition had neglected their websites, giving our optimization efforts an opportunity to stand out.

Technical SEO Fix #1:

The website was causing confusion for Googlebot crawlers due to the hard-coded internal URLs containing growth keywords as anchor links. These links were then blocked via the robots.txt file. These issues were a result of outdated sections of the site not being updated properly after redesigns and migrations.

This experience of hard-coding internal URLs and blocking them in robots.txt confuses Google and consumes the crawl budget. This can also take away SEO equity from resources that are optimized well on the website. We collaborated with the website owner’s development team to identify and fix the specific URL instances that were causing confusion for the crawlers.

Technical SEO Fix #2:

HTML best practices around headline implementation were not being adhered to. Google uses semantic HTML markup around headlines to better align a user’s search query with the context and intent of a page. By not following those best practices, Google wasn’t able to properly determine the context and value of a page for users. 

To address this issue, we collaborated with development resources to create a scalable action plan. This plan focuses on improving how headline markup is implemented at the template level.

Technical SEO Fix #3:

Although specific keywords were present on the pages, they were not being utilized in the most effective manner to convince Google that the page was relevant to the user’s search query. This involved not only using keywords within the content itself, but also in the headlines, title tags, internal links, and navigation items. Therefore, a plan was created and implemented with the team to ensure that keywords were used in the appropriate areas of the site for optimal efficiency.


After implementing these items, the client noticed a significant increase in organic sessions by 46% and a 41% increase in organic revenue, resulting in an approximate $100,000 increase compared to the previous year. The growth was sustained on non-branded, high-intent keywords such as fiber optic cable, fiber patch cable, and fiber cables. This also resulted in decreasing the client’s Paid Ad spend, leading to savings alongside the increase in organic revenue.

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