The Power of TV Advertising: Rakuten’s Big Game Spot Increases Conversions

If you were watching the Big Game a week or so ago, you might have caught a glimpse of Rakuten’s first ever Super Bowl spot starring Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham. 

You might be asking…what does this have to do with eAccountable? 

Rakuten is the leading Cash Back shopping platform and one of the biggest players in affiliate marketing.

Many of our clients are affiliate partners with Rakuten for this very reason. 

So, why did Rakuten run a Super Bowl ad? 

During the AFC Championship games, their 15 second teaser spot led to a whopping 100 times lift in brand interest on Google, 195% increase in search impressions week over week, and a 30% increase in traffic to the Rakuten site.  

112.3 million people saw Super Bowl LVI. Just imagine how many more impressions that resulted in. 

From Sunday 2/13 to Monday 2/14, Rakuten ran a 10% Flash Cash Back event to capitalize on their increased traffic from the Super Bowl Spot. 

They gave us the opportunity to feature some of our clients front and center during this promotion. 

And boy, did it make a difference. 

Big Game Results

So, here’s the rundown from February 13th, 2022 from a few of our top clients: 

  • A leading CBD brand made $4,869 in revenue. In 2021 they made $2,201. That’s +121% YoY.
  • A leading custom print and gift brand made $5,250 in revenue. In 2021, they did $3,100 on the same day. That’s +69% YoY. 
  • A leading vacuum brand made $41,820 in revenue. In 2021, they made $28,560. That’s +46% YoY and over 13 grand more than the previous year.

Because the Flash Cash Back sale ran on Super Bowl Sunday the 13th to Monday, February 14th, we noticed an increase in YoY revenue spill over into Valentine’s Day as well. 

TV Advertising Isn’t Dead

Main takeaway? Traditional TV advertising isn’t dead. 

Rakuten’s TV spot not only increased conversion but brought millions more impressions from people who hadn’t seen our client’s products before. 

At times like these, TV advertising can present a tremendous opportunity for increased brand awareness and conversions. 

Want to watch the ad? Check it out here:

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