Amazon Marketplace Process

Our proven Amazon Marketplace process is comprised of three PHASES:

  1. 1. SET UP
  2. 2. SELLING

The components of each of these phases are described below.

PHASE 1: Set Up

The tasks completed in the Set Up phase include the following:

  • Determine if orders will be fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or by you the retailer (FBM). Discuss Amazon FBA Shipments best practices if this is the chosen direction.
  • Initial discussions on how to win the Amazon Buy Box
  • Basic training on the Amazon Seller Central Dashboard
  • Evaluate existing accounting and inventory management systems
  • Determine the best Amazon categories for your products
  • Select the most appropriate template for your products and storefront
  • Analyze past sales performance to determine biggest opportunities
  • Select and set up a tool that can dynamically modify prices (if needed)
  • Register brand through Amazon’s Brand Registry to give you more control over displayed product details and to help remove counterfeit listings
  • Set up the Chart of Accounts for accurate and clear financial reporting
  • Establish multi-location inventory management practices
  • Set up how feedback and reviews will be collected
  • Create additional brand information, policies, FAQs and general business information
  • Finalize all other account settings such as shipping templates, taxes, user permissions etc.

PHASE 2: Begin Selling on Amazon!

The actions taken in Phase 2 include the following:

  • Gather the necessary data for creating product/Amazon listings
  • Optimize backend search terms
  • Gather key product features for above-the-fold product details
  • Create Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) to add more custom designed content, descriptions and imagery below-the-fold
  • Optimize your product titles using Amazon best practices to ensure maximum number of views
  • Create Storefront
  • GO LIVE! Begin selling on Amazon
  • Create the category tree based on the best sales opportunities
  • Optimize pricing strategy and set up repricing services (if necessary)
  • Develop the algorithmic inventory replenishment procedures
  • Optimize the shipment handling for inventory (if using Amazon FBA)
  • Set up process to remove products from an Amazon fulfillment center (if using Amazon FBA)
  • Create detailed reporting documents specifically for Amazon sales
  • Methodically increase products offered
  • Train on how to add SKUs via the catalog tree templates
  • Run daily health checks to ensure all Amazon standards are met
  • Ongoing evaluation of Buy Box status
  • Ongoing Seller Central training

PHASE 3: Increase and Optimize Your Amazon Sales

Phase 3 involves optimizing the existing sales process. The tasks in this phase include the following:

  • Analyze sales performance to determine which products to advertise
  • Evaluate performance, coverage and return to determine the best bidding strategy
  • Create the financial model for sustainable revenue growth (includes in-Amazon keyword research and harvesting)
  • Advertise top selling products through Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands
  • Run automated Sponsored Products campaigns to determine customer search terms
  • Adjust automatic campaigns into manual Sponsored Product campaigns
  • Run top-of-funnel Sponsored Brands for brand reach and awareness
  • Adjust Storefront to ensure all Sponsored Brands can run effectively
  • Methodically create promotional strategy within Amazon (i.e. coupons
  • Run promotions in conjunction with other marketing channels
  • Incorporate paid Google and Facebook ads to increase sales rank
  • Run targeted paid Google and Facebook ads for top selling products on Amazon
  • Develop detailed multi-channel paid ads reporting
  • Conduct any other tasks required for continued growth and revenue generation

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