Get your products to the first page

Grow your Amazon revenue with proven profitable strategies.

Our numbers speak for themselves. eAccountable’s full-service Marketplace program manages over $200 million annually, with over $15 million in advertising spend. To add onto that, we get your products to the top of page 1 on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Target.

Our Marketplace clients have experienced average revenue growth of +80% year-over-year since the program’s inception.


average sales growth YoY

dollars managed annually

dollars in ad spend managed annually

Hands-on account management focused on your growth across any marketplace.

Nine times out of ten, we outperform the prior team managing your Amazon channel, keeping 90% of our clients for six months or more.

Our experienced account managers use the best tools available to grow your business in the long term.

Our Service Pillars

Amazon Launch

We dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s for a smooth and successful launch.

Account Management

Your dedicated account team is on top of all things Amazon.

Creative Services

We optimize your content for Amazon with SEO & customer experience in mind.

Customer Acquisition

Acquire new customers & grow repeat purchases to meet your sales targets.

Inventory Consultation

We ensure youare well-stocked and have a gameplan for inventory management.

Ready to get started?

Interested in growing your Amazon business? We can help.

Who we work with


Determining where to start on their eCommerce journey

Established eCommerce Brands

Existing businesses that are looking drive increased sales and profit through Amazon

Traditional Manufacturers

Companies with the ability to create product, but unsure what to sell (we will help determine what to sell) 

VC / PEs

Venture-backed brands that are looking for large-scale growth in a short amount of time

Our proven 4-phase methodology to set the foundation for success, maximize sales, and continually optimize for sustainable growth


Account Launch and Cleanup

eAccountable ensures your account is set up properly, and that there are no outstanding issues that will prevent or hurt sales growth.


Content Creation and Optimization

eAccountable will assist you in building all content on Amazon, including Titles, Descriptions, Store Page, and A+ Content.


Paid Advertising Growth

eAccountable will build customized PPC strategies for your brand that are driven by Amazon data, designed to hit Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), and meet brand-awareness goals.


Use Paid Learnings To Improve Organic

As these strategies unfold, we take these learnings to continually optimize organic content to drive continued growth.

How we grew companies like yours

Fiber Cables Direct, a company selling fiber optic cables to B2B clients, approached us to optimize their Amazon presence. Limited Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) storage was their greatest challenge, leading to a lag in sales. By identifying the top-performing and low-performing products currently in their FBA inventory, removing products that weren’t selling, and replacing them with the top 20 best sellers, we drove:


FBA inventory increase


YoY revenue


more orders placed and +849 buy box wins in 30 days

Luxury Hotel Bedding Brand

A Luxury Hotel Bedding and Bath company started selling their high end bed and bath linens in January 2021. Despite being a century-old, established luxury brand, they struggled without product reviews. By utilizing our eAccelerate program, we were able to generate:


reviews for the product in a single month


increase in product sales


increase in total year-over-year Amazon revenue

Why choose Amazon marketing for your business?

If you aren’t getting your product on the first page of Amazon, you’re missing out on customers ready to buy your product.

Why? Selling on Amazon and other marketplaces helps you:

  • Grow top-line revenue
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Protect your brand
  • Get access to a vast customer base

Grow top line revenue

Amazon has roughly 6.5 million daily visitors, all with an intent to purchase. With the right strategy in place and a knowledgeable team managing the account, Amazon will drive more top-line revenue than any other channel. Our experienced account managers and best-in-class tools will help you profitably grow on Amazon.

Drive brand awareness

Over 55% of all product searches now start on Amazon, with the majority of these shoppers being brand-agnostic. This enables start-ups, challenger brands, and market-leaders to have an equal opportunity to drive brand awareness on Amazon. We’ll help you develop A+ content to put your brand front and center in front of new customers eager to buy.

Protect your brand

With over 2.5 million active sellers, we often see brands struggling to protect their messaging and products from resellers and competitors. It is critical to have a strategy focused on protecting your brand. That’s why we specialize in illegal reseller removal, Amazon product compliance management, and Vendor and Seller support to protect your brand on Amazon.