3 Things Digital PR Is Not

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Affiliate Marketing, Blog, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing

So many times, our clients come to us for Digital PR services and expect immediate conversions.

They aren’t clear what they are paying for.

To clear up the confusion, let’s start by defining Digital PR.

Digital Marketing x Public Relations = Digital Public Relations  

Now, let’s set the record straight on what Digital PR is — by telling you what it is not.

1. Digital PR and Affiliate Marketing are NOT the same. 

With Affiliate Marketing, the main goal is conversion, not brand awareness. It is a performance based marketing channel where publishers promote an advertiser’s brand or products in exchange for commissions.

Though Digital Public Relations also will get your products featured on publications (similar to Affiliate Marketing), it’s main goal is brand awareness, not conversions.

2. Traditional PR and Digital PR are NOT the same.

Here’s the breakdown: 

Traditional Public Relations: You send press releases to pitch to managing editors and journalists at publications, and then you track publicity in general. 

Digital Public Relations: You pitch brands and their products to a sales team at an online publication. This includes social media, blogs, and news sites. Affiliate and UTM tracking links are utilized in order to keep track of clicks & sales. 

3. You’re not paying for the last touchpoint. But you’re paying for the most credible touchpoint. 

The immediate step consumers take after reading a blog or seeing an influencer post about your product usually is NOT a purchase.

And that’s okay.

Hint: That isn’t the point.

The objective is to get as many eyes on your product or service as possible. 

Down the road, when they see your product or service again, they are familiar with it.

They recognize it.

Understand what Digital Public Relations isn’t? 

Let’s talk about what Digital PR is.

Digital Public Relations isn’t just black and white.. It comes in a few shapes and sizes. 

Paid Digital Public Relations: You contact a publication through their media kit and pay a flat fee for content like an article, social media post, or podcast feature.

Hybrid Performance Public Relations: A hybrid between Paid Digital PR and Affiliate Marketing, you pay a reduced flat fee plus commission for content in a publication. This way they have incentive to put effort into selling your product through their content, and you gain brand awareness.

Earned Digital Public Relations: You tell a publication or influencer about your brand, and then send your product for free in exchange for content. 

Care to learn what Digital PR can do for your business? Drop us a line here and we can set up a time to see if Digital PR is right for you.