Celebrating 5 Best-in-Class Direct-to-Consumer Health & Wellness Companies In 2023

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Blog, D2C, Digital Marketing

As we inch closer to the end of 2023, it’s time to celebrate the achievements and groundbreaking advancements within the world of direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketing. At eAccountable, we partner with many D2C companies, which is why we’re thrilled to spotlight the best-in-class in various industries. In continuation of our series, we turn our focus to the health and wellness sector, where companies are not just offering products to improve people’s health and self-care but reshaping the entire consumer experience in the process. 

The Top 5 Best-In-Class In Health & Wellness

At the end of the day, nothing is more important than your health. 

That’s why consumers are willing to invest a lot in their health and wellness, making it one of the fastest-growing industries to tap into in 2023. Right now, the Health & Wellness industry worldwide is projected to generate over $5.3 billion in revenue in 2023, a +7.44% increase from 2022. 

Our team at eAccountable partners with many clients in the health and wellness industry, so we wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight five direct-to-consumer (D2C) health and wellness care companies that were best-in-class in 2023. 

From revolutionary dental care to sustainable feminine care products, these five brands are setting new standards in the industry. Want to learn a little bit from their strategy and impact?

Hims & Hers – Empathetic Healthcare Tailored to You

Hims & Hers is a healthcare brand offering online consultations with healthcare professionals, allowing individuals to seek medical advice, prescriptions, and products for various health and wellness needs. The brand started in 2017 by focusing primarily on men’s health issues (Hims) but later expanded to include products and offerings tailored to women (Hers), exemplifying their commitment to inclusivity in healthcare.

Hims & Hers secures its position among the best-in-class by employing an empathetic approach to its consumer base. Recognizing the unique needs of their dual audience, Hims & Hers allows individuals to contact doctors and receive prescribed medicine delivered to their doorstep. 

This brand has made a significant impact by addressing pain points directly. When it comes to health and wellness, this empathetic approach helps them stand out among the competition. By understanding and addressing the unique needs and concerns of their audience, the brand has not only successfully connected with users on a personal level but also cultivated a unique brand loyalty. 

The Feed – #1 Marketplace for Athletes

The Feed has transformed the nutrition and wellness landscape with a mission to provide top-tier products for athletes of all types.

Their goal is to optimize the customer experience, encouraging exploration across multiple site pages in a single session. The more pages you visit, the more products you discover, thanks to The Feed’s lightning-fast speed. This not only facilitates the viewing of numerous pages but also elevates the overall shopping experience, aligning with our commitment to making the best products accessible to all athletes.

Discover more, shop better – that’s The Feed’s commitment to delivering excellence in the world of nutrition and wellness.

Blink Health – Making Prescriptions Affordable and Accessible

Blink Health stands out as a best-in-class D2C health company by making prescribed drugs accessible at affordable rates. 

What makes them best in class? Great content. 

Their strategic use of blogs discussing health-related subjects positions them as experts in the healthcare field. This unique content-driven approach not only educates their audience but also helps establish trust with their brand. Trust is essential here because, unlike most B2C industries, the target audience is trusting you with their health.

Blink Health’s commitment to affordability, accessibility, and knowledge demonstrates their dedication to making a positive impact on consumers’ lives by bridging the gap between affordable prescriptions.

Peloton – Revolutionizing Home Fitness

You’ve probably heard of a little company called Peloton

Peloton has revolutionized the way people approach fitness at home with its high-quality spin bikes, treadmills, accessories, and classes.

What sets them apart as best-in-class among their peers? Peloton shines through its innovative technology and great content production.

They don’t just sell workout equipment; they consistently deliver real, interactive classes with trainers that users can access from home, setting a new standard for at-home fitness.

Their website, resembling a work of art, provides an engaging user experience. Using high-quality video backgrounds to draw the visitor in, Peloton is effectively able to communicate the unique benefits of their products and services to their diverse target audience. 

Lola – Empowering Women with Organic, Affordable Feminine Products

Lola offers high-quality, budget-friendly, and 100% organic feminine products. Embracing the direct-to-consumer model, Lola caters to conscious consumers seeking innovative solutions. 

They stand out as best-in-class among health and wellness companies by creating a holistic user experience that empowers women and resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

Lola’s emphasis on transparency in product information and business practices helps them establish trust with their audience. Additionally, their affordable subscription-based model and custom-built product bundles help them appeal to a broader audience with specific needs. 

Honorable Mentions


Ro is for adults navigating health challenges or aspiring to enhance and support their well-being—all within the ease and convenience of their homes. As an American telehealth company, Ro specializes in diagnosing patients and seamlessly prescribing and delivering treatments. Their homepage features engaging user-generated content featuring success stories from millions who have achieved their health goals. With a remarkable 95% satisfaction rate, users love their Ro experience. Explore their health guide, filled with insightful articles addressing the specific health issues they serve, making the customer journey to well-being both informed and empowering.


Keeps offers one of the most cost-effective solutions for men nationwide seeking an expert-backed hair loss treatment plan. Their approach is simple and modern, dedicated to simplifying and making hair care more accessible and affordable for every man. With a focus on high-quality solutions at a low cost, Keep empowers men to take proactive steps in maintaining their hair and ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid Health provides personalized healthcare that brings a smile to your face, all at a price that fits your budget. Their online medical team and pharmacy are here for you, providing care when and where you need it. Founded in 2013 with a singular goal in mind—to bring more convenient and affordable healthcare to all Americans. Since then, they’ve assisted hundreds of thousands of patients in accessing care from the comfort of their homes.

Explore their Healthaid blog, where you can discover the health and wellness information you need to feel your best. Find the support necessary to unlock vital health insights. Their mission is clear: to dismantle barriers that hinder people from accessing quality healthcare, empowering them to lead happier lives.


Thorne believes that personalized, scientific wellness has the power to extend the duration of one’s health span, fostering happier and healthier lives while helping individuals feel their best at every age and life stage. Their overarching goal is to empower people to live healthier for longer by offering personalized, scientific testing and tailored solutions.

With an extensive portfolio of personalized offerings, Thorne provides individualized data through testing, educational resources, and products designed to support specific health goals and needs. Whether you’re navigating the challenges of youth or the golden years, Thorne is here for every age and life stage.

Thorne is on a mission to redefine what it truly means to live healthier for longer. From health tests that provide crucial insights to education about vitamins for building a better routine, and the guidance of a Thorne advisor for personalized recommendations, they are dedicated to enhancing your well-being journey. 

Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe offers a vast array of high-quality, cutting-edge supplements, proteins, healthy weight support, aromatherapy, herbs, superfoods, natural beauty products, and more at VitaminShoppe.com, through the app, or at any of their 700+ stores nationwide. They believe that everyone deserves good health, and at The Vitamin Shoppe, this commitment to universal well-being is embodied by the dedicated teams serving communities across the country.

Experience the convenience of auto-delivery, where you can receive your essential health products on your schedule. With the Healthy Awards program, you can earn rewards and perks, save on top sellers, and even enjoy same-day delivery.  The Vitamin Shoppe  are dedicated to making your journey to good health as seamless and rewarding as possible.


FreeRx’s mission is clear and straightforward: to offer the broadest range of prescription medications at an affordable, fixed monthly rate for the uninsured and underinsured. They believe that no one should be forced to choose between affording crucial prescriptions and meeting other basic needs.

FreeRx is a cost-effective solution for gaining affordable access to the medications you need the most. Additionally, they provide a Behavioral Health Program, offering discounted access to talk therapy and teen therapy, all accessible from the comfort of your home.

With a membership, you gain unlimited access to the widest variety of generic Rx meds. FreeRx covers over 800 generic drugs, encompassing 90% of all available prescription medications,  the benefit of free virtual urgent care 24/7/365 from licensed providers, as well as discounted over-the-counter meds. Don’t just take our word for it—check out the testimonials from satisfied members on our site. Because at FreeRx, we’re committed to ensuring affordable and accessible healthcare for all.

Attn Grace

Attn: Grace stands as a proud female-founded company, dedicated to crafting high-performing, skin-safe incontinence products that women can confidently rely on. As a Certified B Corp.™, they uphold the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Their commitment extends beyond products and strives to meet you wherever you are on your wellness journey. Embrace the wealth of insights through reviews integrated into our navigation and explore our on-site blog. For a deeper understanding of incontinence, available treatments, and to locate a specialist near you, visit the Resource Library provided at the top of their page. Attn:Grace’s mission is empowering women on their wellness journey.

Make Your Company Best-In-Class

As 2023 comes to a close, these top 5 best-in-class direct-to-consumer health and wellness companies have not only addressed consumer needs but have also set new benchmarks for the industry. 

From transparency and community building to affordability and innovation, these brands showcase the diversity and creativity thriving in the D2C health and wellness space. 

As we enter 2024, it will be fascinating to see how groundbreakers like these continue to impact and redefine the future of the health and wellness industry.

Interested in making your business best-in-class? You don’t have to be in the health and wellness industry. 

No matter the industry, our expert team at eAccountable can help propel your brand to new heights in 2024. We’re focused on one thing: helping you sell. 

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