How eAccountable Harnesses the Power of Direct Response Marketing to Drive Business Growth

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Blog, Digital Marketing

“The trouble is that many copywriters and agencies don’t think in terms of selling. They’ve never written direct response–they’ve never tasted blood.” – David Ogilvy

These words from marketing legend David Ogilvy, describe why “Direct Response Advertising” makes an impact where “General Advertising” does not. 

You might be wondering: What is Direct Response Advertising? 

Direct Response Advertising is a specific type of advertising that encourages an immediate and trackable response from the audience. The primary goal of direct response advertising is a “call to action”: to prompt the viewer, listener, or reader to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, requesting more information, signing up for a newsletter, or contacting the advertiser directly. This form of advertising is different from “general advertising”, which aims to build brand awareness and may not have a direct call to action.
David Ogilvy, a highly influential advertising executive and pioneer in the advertising industry, made a lasting impact on the field with his pioneering of Direct Response Advertising. His words, captured in this video still resonate today and serve as a powerful foundation for eAccountable’s approach to growing businesses.

Ogilvy’s Direct Response Wisdom

While the video is decades old, David Ogilvy’s words still resonate today, emphasizing the importance of direct response marketing in understanding what advertising strategies truly work. 

Here are a few tidbits that are worth remembering: 

  • Longer copy outperforms shorter copy.
  • Content focusing on product benefits drives results.
  • Measurable results should be the basis of your advertising strategy. 
  • Personalized, direct mail is what grew his agency into the empire it became.

David Ogilvy goes on to criticize “General Advertising”, which does not rely on measurable data, but rather an overabundance of content with “cute headlines” and “poetic copy” that doesn’t actually sell anything. Sound familiar? 

eAccountable’s Commitment to Direct Response Values

David Ogilvy’s belief in the enduring value of direct response marketing is as relevant today as it was during his time. eAccountable is a digital marketing agency that takes Ogilvy’s principles to heart, embracing Direct Response Advertising as the cornerstone of our marketing strategy for our clients. 

We combine direct and digital marketing by working directly in conjunction with our sister company, DME Delivers. Along with DME Delivers, we send personalized mailers for our clients, similar to the ones that grew Ogilvy’s empire. We utilize longer, personalized copy that truly speaks to the consumer about the product or service’s benefits and elicits a direct response with a clear call to action. 

Most importantly, we use measurable results as the foundation for all of our marketing strategies. We find what works and what doesn’t in our data and then we shift our strategy accordingly.

Get A Direct Response From Your Customers With eAccountable

As eAccountable continues to uphold these direct response values, it stands ready to help clients grow their businesses by harnessing the true power of marketing and advertising. In the words of David Ogilvy, “We sell or else,” and our agency is committed to ensuring that businesses always have a partner who helps them do just that.

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