Savoring The 5 Best-in-Class Direct-to-Consumer Food & Beverage Companies In 2023

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Blog, D2C, Digital Marketing

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to savor the victories and innovations in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) food and beverage landscape. At eAccountable, we partner with numerous D2C clients, which is why we’re thrilled to spotlight the trailblazers in various industries. To continue our series, we set our gaze on the delicious world of food and beverage, where companies are not only serving delicious products but also reshaping the entire consumer experience.

The Top 5 Best-In-Class In Food & Beverage

At the end of the day, everybody’s gotta eat (and drink!). 

That’s why consumers are willing to spend a lot on food and beverages, making it one of the fastest-growing industries to lock into in 2023. Right now, the Food & Beverage Industry worldwide is projected to generate over $7.2 billion in revenue in 2023, a 7.3% growth from 2022, when it generated $6.7 billion. 

Our team at eAccountable partners with many clients in the food and beverage industry, so we wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight five direct-to-consumer (D2C) food and beverage companies that were best-in-class in 2023. 

From coconut water to meal kits to frozen coffee products, these five brands are setting new standards in the industry. 

Want to learn a little bit from their strategy and impact?

Vita Coco – Hydration with a Purpose

Vita Coco is a brand founded in 2003 that sells incredibly tasty coconut water with unique thirst-quenching properties.

But what makes them best-in-class? 

Beyond being a coconut water brand, Vita Coco transforms hydration into a purposeful journey. Their collaboration with influencers for an exclusive clothing line, with proceeds supporting the Vita Coco Project in the Philippines, highlights their commitment to a cause. And that’s not all. Vita Coco empowers their farmers by funding programs that provide access to nutrition in local communities. 

By supporting meaningful initiatives closely connected to their roots, Vita Coco can stand out among beverage companies as a genuine force for good. 

JuneShine – Savoring Connections Through Kombucha and Cocktails

JuneShine is a beverage company based in San Diego, CA, founded in 2018, that sells hard kombucha and other delicious canned cocktails. 

What sets them apart? Their ability to craft in-person connections. 

With tasting rooms nestled in California, JuneShine transcends traditional retail by hosting launch parties and weekly trivia nights at the JuneShine Ranch. This commitment to creating an in-person community around their libations sets JuneShine on a flavorful pedestal among direct-to-consumer companies in the food and beverage industry. 

HelloFresh – An Enjoyable Feast of Quality and Variety

HelloFresh is a direct-to-consumer company founded in 2011 that has revolutionized the culinary landscape with its meal kit mastery. By offering fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and recipes delivered right to your door, HelloFresh makes it easy (and fun!) to cook delicious, healthy meals at home. 

What makes them stand out among other direct-to-consumer food companies? Quality, variety, and an interactive user experience. 

HelloFresh offers a uniquely vibrant array of mouth-watering meal kits of all shapes and sizes. 

They use high-quality, fresh ingredients that leave the customer craving more. Their website and recipes are decorated with colorful food photos and cooking times, which transforms meal planning into a flavorful experience rather than a chore. 

By prioritizing user-generated content in their marketing, HelloFresh feels relatable while aiding customers in making informed and delectable choices.

Liquid Death – Breaking Stereotypes in Canned Water

Water is arguably the most generic product a brand could sell, but Liquid Death is quite the opposite of generic. 

Making a splash in the food and beverage industry when it was introduced in 2019, Liquid Death stands tall among a sea of boring water brands as canned water that will “murder your thirst.” Their over-the-top marketing persona resembles an energy drink more than a canned water brand, but this is exactly what helps them entice customers to try their thirst-quenching ice-cold water. 

Liquid Death regularly doubles down on creative campaigns; the brand hired comedian Bert Kreischer to act as a fitness instructor in a workout video that emphasizes the importance of hydration. Other notable campaigns include a taste test that compares Liquid Death to “the most expensive beverages on Earth” and the option to “sell your soul” in exchange for joining the brand’s membership.

Beyond marketing flair, Liquid Death champions environmental responsibility by donating profits to nonprofits combating plastic pollution, which is closely tied to their mission as a company. 

Cometeer – Elevating Coffee Convenience to Frozen Height

Cometeer reshapes the coffee experience with its frozen coffee capsules. Founded in 2015, Cometeer provides coffee lovers with a convenient way to enjoy high-quality coffee in various settings. Uniquely practical, these frozen capsules await their turn in customers’ freezers until the perfect moment for a delicious hot coffee, iced coffee, or cocktail. 

What sets Cometeer apart from other coffee brands? 

Cometeer relies on word-of-mouth marketing, coupled with an effective referral and gifting program that has helped grow their coffee-drinking community worldwide. Plus, their “How to Melt” guides make it easy for their customers to explore delicious new ways to drink their premium quality coffee. 

Make Your Company Best-In-Class

As the culinary curtains close in 2023, these five best-in-class D2C food and beverage companies haven’t just whetted appetites but have set new benchmarks for the industry. 

From crafting communities and championing causes to embracing creativity and redefining convenience, these brands showcase the diversity and innovation thriving in the direct-to-consumer food and beverage space.

Hungry for your brand to be best-in-class in 2024? 

Whether you’re in the food and beverage industry or any other industry, our expert team at eAccountable is committed to helping your brand sizzle. 

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